Straight No Chaser: The Forgotten City

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: February 10, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — Let’s take a walk down Lonely street, to the Heart Break Hotel . . . which of course is located in Naw Leans.

As we marvel America was glued-to-the-tube, amazed Vegas bookee’s racked in a few mill’ let’s not forget “why” 100 million plus folks tuned-in to this Super Bowl.

New Orleans is regarded as a city which was betrayed, set-up, abandoned . . .and arguably the victim of sabotague. Now, we all do concur – New Orleans is universally considered the victim of all.

The federally installed inferior levee/floodwall system was antiqauntied and sub-bar, and the Mike Brown’s FEMA led response was an vivid example of how he Right in this nation has adopted the perspective . .

. I’m not my brothers keeper, we’re not in this all together, it’s not one for all – and all for one.

No, those who call themselves conservatives abide by such mantra as – “only the strongest survive,” “Survival of the fittest . . .” “Everyman for themselves,” women n’ children . . . you’re one your on. Now note, they couple this mindset with “he who has the gold . . . makes the rule.”

So the poor Blacks who were neck deep in raw sewage . . . the poor White trash too dumb to know better then to live amongst working class blacks . . . didn’t matter.

Big George W. and the boys at the country club were laying bank on, like them . . . few Americans, or at least those that truly count – gave a damn about a Chocolate City with a failing schools and over-filled jails.

The Home of Jazz . . .

really, you really believe the governmental buddies of a Wyoming Vulcan Redneck like little Dick Cheney, who supported Apartheid and opposed an MLK holiday . . . could have cared less about the historical and cultural contributions of the Big Easy nor even it’s major port city status.

Katrina and it’s horrific aftermath was the perfect opportunity to cleanse the city of its Black trash, purge it of its human rift-raft and rebuild it for upper-middle class Whites to repopulate, return the city to yesteryear.

These aristocrats were playing to a vast recognized amount of Americans, a whole chunk of this nation, specifically White males – rich or poor, north or south, blue collar or white collar, urban or suburban – there’s a mile-wide streak, I’d guesstimate 65 to 75 % . . . who simply just do not like Black, Brown, Yellow or Red People.

And if you’re a women, and you recognize you too are 2nd class – then they don’t like you much either . . . . It’s no secret the surrounding White-flight feed parishes were at the boarder with shotguns drawn baring the Negro women n’ children safe ground.

The world was not empathetic nor sympathetic to their desire to horde safety and comfort to refuges.

Most Americans who tuned in to the Super Bowl well understand what happened to New Orleans, and who set-it-up and faciliatated the tragic fall-out – and that understanding is what made it the sympathic underdog in the minds of millions.

The endorsement and adoption of New Orleans – is the rejection of the Right in this nation.

The Big Easy, easily bringing home the Vince Lombardi Trophy is symbolic and representative of a people rising up, not perhaps with the help of Uncle Sam, but in-spite of the entrenched establishment and the ill-wishes of . . . millions of good ole boys.

What’s telling . . . most of those Bush flunkies who orchestrated, facilitated the debacle in New Orleans . . . Mike Brown in particular should be charged with the murder of thousands and the destruction of a city, instead “Brownie” is being rewarded by the NFL’s Denver Broncos official radio station, 850 KOA with a talk show of his very own every evening.

It’s debatable, do you blame the station management for the insensitivity to put a mass murderer on the air, or, are they merely guilty of giving an angry White male dominated audience what they want; racist, sexist and elitist hate mongers fanning the flames of discontent, packaged in-between million dollar slaves performing for their entertainment?

The league ought to better consider who they do business with. A man who watched a city drown . . .