Straight No Chaser: Point Of No Return

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: February 19, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — I don’t believe Tiger Woods can apologize enough to please White America. That is an impossible task for a Black man.

Talk about admitting guilt, speaking from the heart, taking responsibility for ones actions, and holding yourself accountable and liable for your own personal actions . . . the man did that. What more could anybody ask for?

What more could angry White Americans ask for? Because that’s the group which harbors no tolranace nor forgivness in their hearts for most flawed mortals.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone . . . .

I find it difficult to believe we can agree upon precisely “what” it is Tiger’s guilty of, because clearly it goes deeper then merely playing around behind your wife’s back.

Tiger is guilty of betraying the faith White folks put in him – they believed he was “one of the few good ones.” Some actually believed Tiger walked on water.

Nevertheless, if this nation can find the heart to forgive other good ol’ Boys they put faith in; Tom Brady – who cheated on the football field and abandoned his child. Mark McGwire, who cheated the game of Baseball, and lied about it.

Or Brett Favre who had a drug and alcohol addiction. Pete Rose, President Nixon, Wall street aristocrats who’ve betrayed middle America . . . if these duplicitous cheats and liars can be welcomed back from the Leper colony then so can Woods be welcomed back.

Tom Watson wanted to see humility, humbleness, a man lacking pride. Screw you Tom. There is that segment of the country . . . which wants to see this big cat cry, beg for forgiveness, break, fold, and tragically crumble.

As I’ve stated on a few occassions, the WASP slice of America is arroused and excited when they see a Black person down, distraught and damn near out. It brings a sinister smirk to their faces . . . .

You’d have to tell me why.

Let’s acknowledge Tiger’s stumbled into O.J. territory; being guilty of embarrassing white folks, who foolishly deemed him one of theirs – tagged Tiger with the honorary White dude status.

The Grand Poobahs granted Woods the right to bed, wed actually – a Nordic princess. The lad abused that privilege. He’s slept with a multitude of White women behind the back of not merely his wife – but White America – without their permission.

Additionally, he’s treated his White whores . . . like hoe’s.

And, at the end of the day, he’s also embarrassed a once good n’ decent white women – his wife, by sleeping with dozens of . . . snow tramps. On top of them all . . . Tiger’s flaunted his sexual powers with White women – something a Cablasian man . . . nor Black men are never to do.

How would Tiger say sorry for having sex with a couple of dozen White bimbos?

Understand; despite Tiger’s women being nigger lovers, including his wife, they’re all still White, and it burns the ass of many a angry White Tea-Bagger to have to witness Tiger dirty them, brand them – for life, treat them as if they were disposable vaginas, treat them in a playboy type fashion – millions of White guys wish they could.

So for that reason alone – Woods must be contrite and apologetic in an effort to stroke their frail little egos and penises.

That’s it, right there – envy.

Tiger’s off and on-the-greens behavior has aggrevated and irritated White guys to such heights . . . because he parlayed his stock, took advantage of the ideal situation, gained everything, and on-top of that . . . it was all a staged front, a strategically plotted-out con-game where he got away with the vanilla cookies, White cake, Vanilla candy and vanilla ice cream . . . juggling all these ladies of the night while maintaining a Puritan image during the door.

Tiger out-smarted White America.

Woods knew they would only endorse him kicking in the country club door if he behaved himself, conducted himself not like Joe Namath or John Daly, but instead like a good Negro, think Jesse Owens, Floyd Patterson or Joe Louis.

White America could not accept a Black man who was, like their own fathers and brothers – a collection of right n’ wrong. No for a Black man to be held up, put upon a pedestal . . . he must be damn near perfect.

Nonetheless, after this George Bush like orchestrated interview – it appears he’ll get away with it all, because . . . the Golf industry desperatedly needs Mr. Woods. The good ole boys down at the Augusta need that Black boy.

And honestly, behind closed Plantation like big house doors, remove the unremovable, the race element, and the only mistake/crime Tiger is guilty of . . . getting caught. He wasn’t doing anything a number of his Caucasian golf fraternity brothers aren’t doing right now.

But he was doing it – exclusively to White women. That’s where the contradictions and conflicts come in. That type of behavior is unacceptable.

I think we do ourselves a disfavor when we stroll right by the historical fact – what Woods was doing, defaming and using white women, throwing them away – would have, a few decades back been a hanging, beating, shooting offense.

Why is that fact overlooked?

Because the feelings and attitues which allowed and enforced such racism has not dried up and evaporated nor gone away. Just look at the message boards or listen to sports talk – the hooded ones are still knee deep amongst us. They’ve thought Tiger out of his place since the cat stepped on the greens and commenced to slappin’ whitey.

Emmitt Till was beaten, had an industrial fan tied around his neck with chicken wire and thrown into a river . . . for whistling at a White women. So, this must be where we start. That’s how millions and millions of White folks regard interracial dating and marriage – it’s just wrong.

Tiger must apologize for what is a grave insult in the minds of White folks . . .

not knowing his place. Not grasping that White men made him, allowed him to “be” . . . and they sure believe they can break him.

And furthermore they’ve determined he deserves it for what he’s done. Newt Gingrish, Republican Icon left his cancer ridden wife on her death bed, Rush Limbaugh is on his ninth wife.

Where’s the honor and dignity?

Can it be there are different rules for different folks? Can it be high moral standards and values are implemented only in unique cases – like when Black folks are being weighed and measured? Who get’s justice in America . . . just us Black folks.

Shoot yourself in the ass like Plaxico – go straight to jail. Steal a country, remove the American Dream from the realm of possibilities for millions of hard working Americans . . . nobody gives a damn.

Cheat on your White wife . . . .

What’s Tiger done? Cheat on his wife? Presidents FDR and JFK did also. Rumor is, Truman, Eisenhower and Bush 41 did also. That’s a family matter, not a national matter . . . especially so for a cat who’s a pro golfer, not a paid civil servant.

Trust me, it’s not the crime of adultry this man is being tried for in the open court of public opinions, it’s the actual act, sleeping with more White tramps in a three-year time-span then Hugh Hefner, Tom Brady and George Clooney. . . combined.

But Tiger stood up, stepped up an stated his position. That’s more then most. Big George W. and Little Dick Cheney, two draft dodgers who have betrayed the bond between man and county, who’ve deliberidly pitted this nation against the world, in exchange for their own personal gains, damn hear bankrupted the country, allowed their rich buddies to become obese, while allowing the poor to starve – yet they will admit no wrong, apologize for nothing.

Tiger may be flawed like all the rest of us, bit he’ s still more man then a lot of us.