Straight No Chaser: Peyton’s Place

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: February 2, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — There are more than a few ways to skin a cat . . . corral a Great White Stallion called Peyton Manning, head of a heard of Colts commin’ outta Indiana.

Thank the Voo-doo Gods the Saints, from down around Naw Leans way, have adopted the old Raider tactical mindset -a harassing, pestering, molesting mentality from the first snap is a must – if the Saints don’t torment this man from the moment he steps out of the locker room . . .

At best – they’re going to be in a shootout at the MIA correll of epic gridiron proportions. Greg Williams, D-Coordinator of the Saints calls it “Remember me shots.”

If the Saints aren’t convinced this is their ticket to football immortality, perhaps they ought look to politics for another example of this philosophy at work. Joe Wilson’s ‘liar” blind-side cheap-shot was one of those “Remember me shots” . . . .

Glenn Beck’s laid a couple of “remember me shots”, as has Rush Limbaugh . . . it’s how the game is played. The only draw-back with that reality . . . the Democrats can’t hit like the Republicans.

The leaders of the Left, T he Resistance are Limo riding, chesse n’ cracker eatin’ liberals and dying flower children, the sissies, wimps and nerds desire to stay above the fray, not get their hands dirty.

So, on a national level, we can only bring Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz, that’s great, Susan B. Anthony and John Brown lite . . . where’s Frederick Douglass and his brand of Fire n’ Brimstone . . . ?

Obama’s linemen who should have his back . . . Blue-dog Democrats, traitors, saboteurs, Benedict Arnolds. But I deviate . .


The Angry White movement across this land has opted to ruthlessly attack this nation’s first Black President. Their strategy – to continually harass and assault the Nation’s first Black Quarterback.

Tag him with the “commie/pinko/socialist/ tag, paint him as a friend of Latin Dictators . .

. his domestic agenda is to stealthly orchestrate some form of “reparations” for blacks and allow the wave of little brown people to come across the Southern boarder.

His health care plan . . . little more then free medical care for Welfare queens and gangsters.

Is there any question these patriotic Pirates, these real-life Raiders fly the skull n’ crossbones, the Jolly Roger Flag? Abiding by the banner of; Obama must go down, and go down often . . .


Obama and Manning . . . how long can either one stay on his feet? How long before the opposition delivers a lethal blow, a head shot, take out both knees, putting the nation’s “Signal Caller” out of the game?

The fear – the Saints will take Archie’s boy out . . . for the game, ala, Colt McCoy, them Bama’ boys evened the odds a little didn’t they . . . the Saints would like to also.

Nobody, and I mean nobody wants to see Peyton’s career put in jeporady, just maybe he can’t remember his name, let along the plays come the 2nd series of the game on super Sunday.

But in Obama’s case, the conservative opposition isn’t simply content with putting him out of the game, they want to end his career . . . his political life, his actual life. For, if Obama is successful, he will alter, change a privileged way-of-life many have gotten used to.

The Saints don’t hate Manning, they just want to defeat him, but the Right in this country wants to destroy Obama. And just where does that hate come from?

He’s not proposing a political agenda beyond the limits of liberalism, his actions aren’t that different then if Hillary had won – yet the hate, the fear, the ill will, the rage that White people believe Obama wants to wage against his fellow Americans can only be the payback for what . . ?

Have the Pat Buchanan and Dick Cheney tell it, there’s no history of hatred, discrimination and murder on the part of Whites to warrant a Black backlash.

Nevertheless, Obama represents such a threat to the fabricated, for-pretend, make-believe White Male supremacy myth that he demands a total onslaught every play, everyday.

Obama can not be allowed to have any political first downs, let-alone victories. the GOP refuses to even compromise, to give n’ take the way the political system was devised . . .

Because this “man-child” as Rush Limbaugh brands Obama a few times everyday as, can’t be permitted to win anything, succeed at anything, no progress can be attributed to him . . .

because he’s Black.

That makes all the difference in the world. For that reason alone, Obama must go down . . . and he must go down often.

Manning may-well be the greatest to play the game at his position. Obama may be the greatest to ever hold the office of President . . . of these so-called United States of America.

But due to the . . . animosity, the extreme distaste and distrust White people have for Obama and most other Blacks. . . this nation may well never benefit from his political skills and leadership.

Obama won’t be permitted to compete – out of a misplaced fear he will purposefully throw the game, because he’s on the take, on the communist payroll . . . like most Blacks – he hates Team America.

Yeah, that’s what most Tea-Baggers and other conservatives believe; Blacks and Mexicans can’t get beyond this countries horrific past, can’t get over how WASP screwed everybody n’ everything in pursuit of having . . . everything.

Maybe they’re right, maybe some of us rightfully can’t, refuse even toget over and beyond yesteryear.

You can’t stab a man in the back . . . repeatedly, and then tell him when, how, and how long to scream.

It’s obvious, just as Peyton stands atop the heap of QBs, Obama comes to the game with a better set of political/social mastery then either Bush men, more common sense then Clinton . . .

A citizen of the world – who is a real man-of-the-people – as opposed to Reagen’s B-Movie imitation of a real man . . . and that’s what scares the hell out of the Right.

Obama is the right man for the job, the better man did win the last presidential election – and he has the ability to change this country for the better.

He really can’t be stopped unless his own betray him, which is whats’ happening in-front of our own eyes this vary moment, or he is put out of the game.

Remember the “Remember me shots”.

They’re going to play a significant role in the days to come.

On and off the field.