She’s a triflin’ friend indeed…..

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: February 13, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — It isn’t easy being a professional athlete.

Especially, if you are young, Black, and rich.

Because around every corner, paparazzi are trying to photograph you, “stick-up kids” are trying to rob you, agents are trying to influence you, hustlers are trying to “white” mail you, and “gold diggers” are trying to seduce you.

Yeah, that’s right!! Those gold digging girls are waiting.

Ass-out. Breast-up. Weave tight.

And licking their lips. Yeah, I don’t have to describe them.

You know who they are when you see them.

But yet, we still love them.

Yes, those gorgeous gold diggers, whose sole purpose in life is to wear tight fitting clothes, look extremely good, shake their ass, and utilize sex as a weapon.

And if their lucky, they can get pregnant by some millionaire baller and live happily ever after. Some of them have college degrees. Others didn’t graduate from high-school.

They are Black, white, Asian, and Mexican, but they are all after the same thing.

Money, Cash, Green.

But now, the art of Gold-digging has been computerized due to Yeah, That’s right, the pimp game just went high-tech.

I first heard about this sinful site on ESPN, which aired one of its sleazy commercials during a basketball game. Now, that is crazy.

Why would ESPN air such a scandalous site like this especially after the recent Tiger Woods sex scandal. claims to be ultimate high-end dating service for the rich and beautiful.

The exclusive site, in essence requires all of its male members to have at less $100,000 as well as the desire to pamper and spoil some beautiful women or should I say some gold-digger groupie.

As a said before, it ain’t easy being a professional athlete, just ask All-Star Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitzki, who last year was hustled and heart-broken by 37-old con artist, Cristal Taylor, who had eight different aliases before she was arrested.

Nowitzki, who had been warned by his teammates about Ms. Taylor, was engaged to marry her and purchased her a $250,000 engagement ring.

So please tell all of those millionaire ballers especially the young rookies to be careful partying like a rock-star this weekend at the NBA All-Star game in Dallas because they are waiting for them.

Plus, it’s Valentine Day.

So protect your heart and hide your cash.