Looking To Reach Others

By Wesley Chism Jr., BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: February 16, 2010

DALLAS (BASN) — LeBron James is a fascinating basketball player with talent that’s just being scratch. If he remains healthy and can avoid any serious injuries, he will have the opportunity to have his name on several different NBA records.

LeBron is one of the coolest cats that I’ve met in a long time. My first interaction with him didn’t get off to good because I was late for the interview and caught up with him on his way out the door. He politely said, “Man I’ve been sitting in a chair answering questions for the past 90 minutes, get here earlier next time.”

That’s exactly what I did.

On our next encounter I was first there on time and I kept asking him questions until he broke out in laughter. “Okay, you got me,” LeBron replied. We gave each other a pound and have been cool since that day.

Respect is the word that I would use to describe LeBron James. The respect that he has for his teammates, the veterans and the history of the game of basketball is amazing.

James is by far one of the most mature adolescents to ever enter the NBA.

In 2004, he founded the LeBron James Family Foundation. It’s designed to empower children and single-parent households through innovative programming and initiatives, strengthening the ties between family members and building hope through education and physical fitness.

One of the most exciting things about the LeBron James Family Foundation is the Playground Build Initiative.

It’s specifically focused on developing family centered safe play spaces where children can be physically active in a multi-dimensional environment that encourages creative play.

During the NBA All Star weekend in Dallas the LeBron James Family Foundation and State Farm Insurance had a ribbon cutting to unveil a new playground at the Oak Cliff Boys & Girls Club in Dallas.

The dedication continues the LeBron James Family Foundation’s long term commitment to develop and sponsor programs and activities for children and families in need.

It began in 2008 during the NBA All-Star activities in New Orleans.

LeBron and his foundation installed a playground at the St. Bernard Recreation Center.

Last year during the All-Star activities, a playground was installed at the Robson Boys and Girls Club, in Phoenix, Arizona.

LeBron isn’t a celebrity athlete that signs a check a walks away. He’s on hand meeting club members and you will see him leading the pact during his annual “King for Kids Bikeathon.”

It’s a fun family event designed bring awareness to the need for funding with the proceeds going to the Akron Area YMCA and the Akron Urban League.

If LeBron James never wins a NBA Championship during his career, he has already carved his name on the hearts of so many youths that will benefit from the generosity from his Family Foundation.