Johnson stays in the hunt

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: February 8, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — 41-year-old light heavyweight contender Glen Johnson still harbored thoughts of a title and his fight against Yusaf Mack last Friday could have meant one more shot at IBF title holder Tavoris Cloud.

The first round showed both fighters executing their game plan as Mack fought from the outside whereas Johnson moved inside to hit the body in a close round.

Throughout the second and third round, Mack’s boxing skills eluded many off Johnson’s haymakers but as the third round progress, Johnson started to land his body shots with more consistently.

In the fourth round, both fighters went toe to toe from one minute mark as Johnson forced Mack off the rope as he attempted to take Mack’s will away with body shots.

In the last 40 seconds, Mack countered with successive big rights to Johnson’s head, catching him as he tilted his head toward Mack’s right hand.

In the sixth round, Johnson came out with heavy pressure as he jabbed his way inside Mack as his jab hit his body.

After a jab, Johnson nailed Mack with a right that sent Mack down for an eight count.

He nabbed Mack with another right one minute later that sent him down one more time.

Mack tired to move out of harm way but with 50 seconds left, Johnson put it another gear as he stopped him with a perfect left hook.

In an action packed fight over six rounds, “The Road Warrior” fought like a 21-year-old as opposed to a 41-year=old and put himself in line for one more title.


Ed Pardes and Joey Hernandez fought their second bout to settle who would be the best of each other.

The first fight was a draw that included one point deduction by Hernandez and a Pardes knock down of Hernandez.

While Pardes had the slight edge over Hernandez in the opening rounds as he fought effectively on the inside. In the opening minute of the second round, Hernandez’s quick hands laid leather on Pardes as he moved in and out to take back some momentum but halfway through the round, as Hernandez moved in to strike with one of his quick combinations, Pardes nailed Hernandez with short left hook that sent Hernandez sprawling on the canvas.

Hernandez never saw the punch coming and as he hit the ground, his head hit the canvas as he slumped on the canvas.

In a fight that showed the global reach of boxing, Showtime broadcasted the Valero-DeMarco WBC lightweight title bout from Monterrey, Mexico.

In the opening bout Richard Gutierrez was fighting for his career against the undefeated Argentina knockout artist Carlos Abregu.

The opening stanza featured Abregu banging from the outside with effective combinations following a stiff left jab against Gutierrez.

In the second round, a Gutierrez left hook sent Abregu down in the opening seconds.

Abregu retreated for next minute and half before clearing his head.

In the last minute both fighters attached each other as Abregu came back and Gutierrez allowed a chance to end the fight early in the round go.

This would cost Gutierrez the fight for he would never get another chance.

In the opening minute of the third round, Abregu sent a combination that included a right uppercut and a clubbing right hand that sent Gutierrez down.

Abregu went on the attack and pursued Gutierrez from one end of the ring to the other.

Gutierrez survived the round and in the fourth, Abregu kept Gutierrez on the outside like he did in the first round. At the end of the fourth round, an Abregu left hook in the last fifteen seconds buckled Gutierrez but the bell saved Gutierrez.

In the fifth and sixth round, Abregu kept the distance between him and Gutierrez while connecting on combinations.

The seventh round saw a cut over Abregu left eye plus a Gutierrez right hand that shook Abregu added drama to a fight that going into the seventh was easily Abregu’s on the scorecard.

While blood spurted from Abregu’s eye, Gutierrez bleed from his mouth and his left eye started to swell. From the eighth round on, Abregu boxed and move whereas Gutierrez had trouble firing back.

Going into final round, Gutierrez’s corner told their charge that,” This is it, three minutes left in the fight and go for the knockout.” The scorecard merely reinforced what was seen in the ring.

The young Argentinian fighter used boxing skills and combinations to win an easy decision over the tough veteran Gutierrez who lost his third fight in the last four fights with only a draw the closet to a win over that stretch.

His career suffered a setback whereas Abregu moved forward in his quest for a share of the welterweight title.

Edwin Valero is the invisible man of the lightweight division, a man who has won 26 straight fights by knockouts but very few boxing fans know him or seen him fight.

The “Tasmanian Devil” of boxing faced the slick boxer Antonio DeMarco.

In the first round, a DeMarco jab open a cut over right cheek of Valero but he ignored DeMarco’s jab and started to swarm the younger DeMarco over the last minute.

In the second round, the fight changed when an accidental elbow open a giant cut over right eye of Valero. He came out brawling with the intent of ending the fight as DeMarco coolly avoided most of the haymaker and a DeMarco jab sent Valero’smouthpiece flying in the twenty seconds of the fight.

Over the first four rounds, Valero threw punches in volume and while DeMarco scored with occasional right jab, Valero threw the more effective combinations.

With a style reminiscent of Vic Darchinyan and a young Manny Pacquaio, Valero often threw caution to the wind while throwing his power left but unlike Darchinyan, Valero has an effective right jab.

Yet, Valero fights with his hand down, challenging DeMarco to hit him.

With a minute left in the sixth round, DeMarco nailed Valero with a right hook followed by a straight left that stunned Valero for his best moment of the fight up to that point.

With the fight halfway over, Valero had the overwhelming lead on the scorecard.

In the seventh round, Valero showed boxing skills as he would throw a five punch combination before moving back a step thus avoiding DeMarco’s counters.

The slickness of Valero continued in the eighth round as DeMarco attacked out of desperation but Valero avoided most of his blows while delivering a beating to DeMarco.

In between rounds, DeMarco’s corner told their fighter if the beating continues, they were going to stop the fight.

In the ninth round, the beating continued and after the round, DeMarco’s corner said enough to the beating that he was receiving.