Another Re-Run In New York??

By Jerald L. Hoover, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: February 17, 2010

NEW YORK (BASN) — For about the umpteenth time in a row, the New York Knicks have resigned themselves to shuffling the deck of players that they have on their roster.

This time they looking for a former All-Star player in oft injured Tracy McGrady of the Houston Rockets. Speculation has been running rampant that a deal was close to happening for weeks now.

With the trade deadline looming this week, something is bound to happen. There are plusses and minuses in such a blockbuster deal.

McGrady, who is in the last year of his deal at $23 million, would be off the books at season’s end thus giving the Knicks major along with Jared Jeffries $6.9 million of cap relief to hunt for free agents (LeBron James and Dwayne Wade and perhaps Chris Bosh).

Knicks GM Donnie Walsh swears that McGrady wouldn’t be viewed as a one year (31 games) rental and that if indeed a trade is made and McGrady has game left in his micro-fractured repaired knee, he could be around for a while.

If McGrady still has game and resigns with the Knicks next year at a lower price and the club is still able to a LeBron or Wade type of player, then yes the Knicks would be on the plus side.

But, if by chance the Knicks strike out in the free agent frenzy and McGrady has no game left then dark days could loom for the Knicks in a monumental way.

Because part of the deal for the Knicks to secure McGrady is to give up first round draft picks. Now a wiseguy would say maybe that’s not such a bad thing judging by the way the Knicks have drafted over the years, but let’s face it, not all of the draft picks have been bad.

David Lee who was drafted in the bottom of the first round five years ago became an All-Star this year and Wilson Chandler and Danilo Galinari have proven to have game.

Other pending trades around the NBA could either make or break teams in the Playoff picture. The Los Angeles Clippers traded Marcus Camby to the Portland Trail Blazers for Steve Blake and Travis Outlaw.

This trade definitely favors the Blazers as Marcus Camby is healthier than Greg Oden and much better than Joel Pryzbella. And they will gain by having Andre Miller run the point soley without having to look over his shoulder.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are said to be in process of trading for Phoenix’s Amare Stoudamire. This is a buyer for a team that has been rolling like a runaway Mack truck.

Stoudamire had trouble with Shaq in Phoenix last season.