A draft guide like no other

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: February 17, 2010

LONG ISLAND, N.Y. — Football Reporters Online and Consensus Draft Services, with assistance from the Black Athlete Sports Network, have combined forces (while retaining their distinct identities) to produce what we feel with be the best value and most informative NFL draft publication: “The Gridiron Guide to the NFL Draft.”

“Taking this major step to produce the 2010 edition of the Gridiron Draft Guide with our co-operators will get consumers of football media to realize that they don’t need to spend the cost of a game ticket to get accurate and informative coverage of the draft” commented Dr. Bill Chachkes, Football Reporters Online’s Managing Partner and the Gridiron Guide’s Executive Editor.

“You should be able to pay an affordable price for an electronic book as opposed to an exorbitant price for the right to waste paper” Chachkes continued.

Consensus Draft Services founder Stephen Martin and his staff wanted to reach out to another organization to expand their scouting network, and to obtain additional perspective on potential draftees.

“This draft report combines the insiders perspectives and article-based formats of BASN and FRO with the scouting pedantry that characterizes CDS, and gives you a draft guide that is not only complete and accurate but also that is rich with varied content, and at a price that is a fraction of what others charge.”

For the Black Athlete Sports Network (BASN) It was a different approach entirely that caught their attention. FRO’s Michael-Louis Ingram was already a contributor to BASN as well. The combined efforts just made sense.

“Working together with Dr. Football (Chachkes) and his staff at last year’s NFL Draft not only helped give us a broader football audience, but for all sports as well,” said Tony McClean, Black Athlete’s Editor in Chief. All three groups produce Internet radio shows.

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NOTE: Fans can purchase a Copy of the Guide for $10 at http://www.gridirondraftguide.

com. Media, College SID’s or AD’s, Player Agents, and NFL teams may request a copy by sending an e-mail to:bill@ footballreportersonline.com.