Would You Play For This Man?

By Richard Kent, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: January 16, 2010
CONNECTICUT (BASN) — You wouldn’t would you?

I mean it would be parental malpractice. How could any parent let their kid play football for Lane Kiffin anywhere? It could be USC,Tennessee or Podunk.

Kiffin has set a new low for coaches. He has set a new low for human beings. He may cost Tennessee AD Mike Hamilton his job simply because he defended Kiffin when he made outrageous allegations against Florida’s Urban Meyer.

Kiffin left Tennessee after a year and only seven wins for greener pastures at USC.He did it with no notice to anyone and invoked an $800,000 buy out which either he or USC will have to pay.

His last press conference to announce his departure was so acrimonious that he had to be escorted out of the building by the police. Students were burning Kiffin objects nearby.

Tennessee has two great basketball coaches in Bruce Pearl and Pat Summitt. The Lady Vols coach has over 1,000 more wins than Kiffin and has never had another job other than Tennessee.

Coach Pearl will never leave Tennessee on his own. Coach Summitt expressed huge disappointment over the Kiffin departure on a local morning radio show.

Even more outrageous is the fact that Kiffin tried to convince some Tennessee players not to enroll at UT for the second semester so that they could transfer to USC immediately.

That’s just unheard of.

Let’s hope that Kiffin doesn’t make it at USC. Let’s say that he has a five-win season next year. How will the natives in California feel about their new coach?

Or maybe it won’t matter to the 34-year-old Kiffin. If let’s say the Patriots come calling for more money, he will be out the door.

That is Lane Kiffin for you.