When Will It End??

By Gary Norris Gray, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: January 24, 2010

CALIFORNIA (BASN) — Last week, we celebrated the birthday of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and will be commemorating Black History Month next week.

We still have miles to go for equality and justice in the United States . Dr. King would not be pleased with the following facts:

The ongoing political and social attacks on prominent African American sports figures continue, and the attack on the highest paid Black Athletes. It seems to never end.

Not reporting on the transgressions with the little guys; not enough publicity and that should tell the world what the Sports media is truly reporting!

This past month’s attack on Tiger Woods is continuing this sad American saga.

Last summer’s blatant attack on Serena Williams. It was clear that she did not make a foot fault at the semi-finals of the U.S. Open. Serena is on double probation and was fined 85 thousand dollars.

If she speaks out again she will be suspended for 2 years. No player has ever been on double probation in the history of tennis. It is clear that the World Tennis Association (WTA) wants to keep Ms. Williams mouth shut.

In retrospect, Serena should not have verbally attacked the female judge. Also it was clear that the WTA did not want another Williams to win the U.S. Open-and the WTA had the gall to have an Asian woman make the call so it would not look like racism.

Sorry it still does !!!!

Serena was the highest paid female tennis player in the world.

Last week Ms. Williams won all of her matches in Australia . This could set up a possible final with her sister, Venus. Serena has accomplished this with grace and power.

Asian Americans better wake up and stop doing the bidding of conservative white American Males…Look out Asian Americans you are next. Trust me let China get too politically powerful and economically strong.

Then see how my white conservative brothers (Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Hannity and Beck) and sisters react. It will not be kind, it will not be pretty, and it will not be just.

The attack on Tiger Woods is almost laughable if it were not so serious. Most educated fans of the golf circuit know most of these pro golfers do this all the time. Sex and golf go hand in hand.

The American Sports media just singled Tiger out because he cheated on his white wife. A young black man cheating on his white wife with other white women, this is the ultimate nightmare for most white males.

They still don’t want to deal with race and sex in the United States . This backward philosophy reverts to the Slavery Trade Era and the Black male sex stud stereotype.

Tiger was the highest paid golfer in the world.

The recent attack on Mike Vick – organized dog-fighting camps in his home. Mind you there are known football players that have participated in dog-fighting yet their names and faces have been concealed.

Mike Vick was at that time the highest paid football player in the world.

The six years ago the attack of Kobe Bryant in Utah . Infidelity among basketball players is considered a joke. Yes,

Kobe was the highest paid basketball player at the time.

Last year the attack on Alex Rodriguez another male of color for admitting he took steroids. Major League Baseball keeps its hands clean. As current baseball players get slapped with fines, suspensions, public ridicule, and scorn.

A-Rod was the highest paid baseball player in the world.

Former Pittsburgh Pirates, and San Francisco Giants’, All-Star outfielder, Barry Lamar Bonds has yet admitted the use of steroids and probably never will. The media continues to chase him for alleged cheating.

This is very simple, prove it or leave him alone.

Now we can travel back in time to the father of all of this media press hoopla. Remember O. J. Simpson won the hearts and minds of the American people. This all ended with The California Highway Patrol, and the Los Angeles Police Department, chasing that slow moving white, Ford, Bronco around the streets of L.A.

Yes, O.J created this monster of demoting, demonizing, degrading and subjugating promenade African American athletes. It became vogue, a media cash cow, and ESPN, FOX Sports, and local sports are cashing in no matter what the damage whether it’s true or not the story will be put out there if you are a black male.

The Sports news media should be fair and honest when reporting these incidents.

All of these individuals may or may not have committed a crime but to publicly trash them is unconscionable

Be honest – Ben Roethlisberger was charged with an alleged rape, which ESPN attempted to bury as a story for almost three days because he had a pending television show on the network, with Big Ben as its host.

Be honest, when eight-time gold medal winner Michael Phelps (Swimming) was caught smoking a bong (marijuana); no one screamed about Phelps being a “role model.”

Be honest, when baseball golden boy Mark McGwire (baseball) was welcome back last month into the open arms of Major League Baseball without addressing real questions about his human enhancing drug use.

Be honest, when Diana Taurasi (basketball) was pulled over for drinking and driving; equal enforcement of the law is just as important as equal opportunity and gender equity.

Be honest, when Patrick Kane (hockey) fought a cab driver over 20 cents. He was drinking under the age limit. He should’ve been charged with assault and battery, and suspended for drinking, no matter how talented he is.

These are all white sports personalities the media paid little attention to their antics. This needs to stop, NOW !!!!!!

If all four of these gentlemen and young lady were people of color the story would have been very different. Justice is still not color blind.

Please Read the red print again. We are talking about over 3 million dollars taken away from talented African Americans and the Black community.

Dr. King would still motivate all African American males to strive for the “COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE” and carry themselves with “PRIDE AND POISE” in the face of adversity.

The American Sports media should evaluate the negative impact their reporting has had on African American Sports figures and should respect their privacy as they have respected white athlete’s privacy, Be Honest.

May you have a happy Black History Month 2010.