What are they thinking?

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: January 17, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — The fight between two of the best pound for pound fighters will not happen on March 13th. While some are treating this as a fight that will never happen, one must remember that in boxing, never say never.

This will be a year of living dangerously for both fighters as new obstacles are put in the place of the super fight. For Paquiao, his fight against Clottey is not slam dunk. He may have lost to Cotto and some would ask why Clottey?

Did Clottey lose to Cotto and what would this prove for Paquiao?

The reason is that Clottey is a tough opponent who could add value to the PPV. He’s a tough technically sound fighter and has the style to give Pacquaio problems.

He has power and while he did lose to Cotto but it was close fight.

Clottey could derail the Pacquaio express train.

As for Mayweather, he is just waiting for the right match. The rumors have him facing either Cintron or the winner of the Berto-Mosley. For Mayweather, his team is scrambling for any fight with the goal is setting up a fight by March 13th to compete with Pacquaio’s fight at Jerry Jones’ super palace in Dallas.

If Mayweather fights Cintron, he will be facing a bigger and stronger fighter and while Cintron is very good fighter, he is not a great elite fighter.

It could be said that two of Cintron losses were to Antonio Margarito, whose own reputation suffered after he was caught with plaster hand against Mosley but he was lucky to walk with a draw against Sergio Martinez.

Cintron is not as technically sound as Miguel Cotto, his Puerto Rican contemporary and he always depended upon his athletic skills but against Mayweather, he will be going up against a master boxer.

The other option will be the Berto-Mosley winner.

If Mosley wins, this could be an intriguing fight even with a 38-year-old Mosley. He’s not as fast as he was a decade ago but he is one of the most technically sound fighters and a fighter who has the style to battle Mayweather.

A Mayweather-Mosley fight would be to risk a potential superfight with Pacquaio. I made the statement last week that I don’t see this fight not happening. The biggest obstacle now in this super fight is for one of these warriors lose a fight.

If by the mid summer and both fighters win these bouts; this fight will be made.

It will even be more attractive as both fighters will even build even more interest and there will be enough bad blood with Mayweather accusing Pacquaio of being a dirty fighter.

This fight could even be bigger.

Why the popular sport is to blame one or the other, what I see is a strategy similar to great fights of the past. Often in the 30′s or the 40′s, champions would fight opponents in non title fight to build up gates for later championship bouts.

In my last column I wrote that this was a game of chicken and so far, no one is blinking. If both fighters survive the spring unscathed, then look for a bout in the fall. Does anyone truly believe that Golden Boy or Bob Arum will allow a $200 million gate to disappear?