We Are Not Role Models

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: January 2, 2010
NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — Charles Barkley said it best “I am not a role model.” He was right. He is not a role model.
But your grandma is. Yeah, your grandma, the little old lady with the church hat and the big Bible under her arms. She is a role model.
Because somehow despite making a little more than minimum wage, she was able to provide for three children and send them all to college and see them graduate with a B.A., a Masters, and a PhD.
Now that’s a role model.
But let’s give Sir Charles a little credit, he told the truth, because he is not a role model. And neither is Tiger Woods for that matter. Not because of his recent sex scandal, nor because he can hit a golf ball 800 yards.
Oh no!! But your dad is. Yeah, your dad.
He is a role model, because he works a (9 to 5) plus a 2 to 6 without complaining and with very little sleep in order to provide a roof over your head, hot water for you to take a bath, lights for you to read, and he paid cold hard cash money ($299) for that PlayStation 2, you play with all night.
Now that’s a role model. So, let’s not give Tiger Woods the credit for that.
That would be like Black people, who work all year but during Christmas give all the credit to a white guy in a Santa Claus outfit for purchasing all of those expensive gifts for their children.
That’s insane, Isn’t it? And we wonder why children do not respect their parents. Yeah, Charles Barkley was exactly right. He is not a role model because he can dunk a basketball.
And neither is Barry Bonds. Not because he allegedly used steroids.
Nor because he hit 762 home runs.
But your mom is. Yeah, your mom. She is a role model.
Yeah, the woman who makes you clean up your room, tells you to get off of the cell phone, and yells at you to turn that Hip-Hop music down, is a role model.
She is a role model because she carried you safely in her womb for nine months, birthed you, provided milk from her breast for your nourishment, clothed you, cradled you, taught you.

She also shuttled you back and forth from football games to basketball games, prayed for you, cheered for you and somehow made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches taste better than a T-Bone Steak when there was barely no food in the refrigerator.

Now, that’s a role model. So before, you make another athlete your role model, take a serious look around and you might find some ordinary people, who deserve that title.
Because we all are worthy of a little praise, even you!!!