Three fights, three different views

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: January 17, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — Last Friday night on ESPN, former 2008 Olympian Demetrius Andrade put his undefeated record on the line against opponent Berando Guereca, who had lost four of his last five fights.

The 5-foot-6 Guereca came into the fight with just one week notice and it showed in the first round as Andrade nailed him with a solid counter right hand that sent Guereca down for the count.

Andrade is a prospect but this fight showed nothing as he simply took an inferior opponent out.

He did move himself in position to make the knockout and kept his spacing but he did what he was expected, to win by knockout.

ESPN’s Teddy Atlas noted that Andrade has already fight the best amateur but fighting opponents like Guereca does little to improve skills but only gives a fighter and his fans a false sense of security as he racks up knockouts against inferior opponents.

Escamilla vs. Evans

Yaundale Evans traveled from Ohio to the border town of Laredo for a Texas Shoot out against Gino Escamilla who took this fight on four days notice with a five losses in the row.

Translation — original opponent dropped out and promoters looked for any warm body to occupy space. It didn’t hurt that Escamilla lived in the area.

Evans nailed Camilla in the first round with a right hand hook and while Camilla did not go down completely, his hands touched the canvas.

In the opening minutes of second round, Escamilla attacked Evans with wide punches but Evans nailed Escamilla with straight left that sent Escamilla down sharply as his head hit the canvas.

He barely got up but he used guile and smarts to survive as he tied up Evans throughout the rounds. A clash of heads produced bloody eye over Evans’ right eye and Escamilla movement and holding slowed down Evans, even thought he was in control of the fight.

Evans continued to hit the body but Escamilla occasionally scored against his opponent with wide right. Evans cease to try knock out his opponent and coasted to an easy decision.

Escamilla never been knocked out and survived the fight as his guile overcame his opponent superior talent.

Evans did not finish his opponent off and one has to think, is Evans record as much due to lack of quality opponents?

M artinez vs. Burgos

Juan Carlos Martinez weighed 150 pounds a week earlier and needed to lose 24 pounds to make weight but manage to lose 21 pounds.

Martinez came into this fight over the contracted weight but one did not get the feeling that this was much of an advantage against Juan Carlos Burgos, a potential champion.

Burgos took his time as he felt his opponent out and threw body shots to slow his opponent.

Martinez moved around to avoid the sledgehammer shots of Burgos and hopefully maneuver inside Burgos long left jabs.

At the end of the second round, Burgos connected on a four punch combination that shook Martinez.

Burgos tested Martinez chin in the third round with another combination that includes a solid right.

Martinez showed his own experience as he rolled with the punches and his movement kept punching combination to a minimum as Burgos couldn’t never get into a grove.

Burgos pressured Martinez for the first six rounds and going into the seventh round, Burgos made a concerted effort to use his left hook to the body; softening his opponent for his predicted late round knock out.

Martinez proved to be a game fighter.Burgos goal was to dispatch Martinez before the 10th round, but during the ninth round, Burgos stepped up in the round to make his prediction come true.

Martinez refused to cooperate with Burgos’ predictions.

Martinez got nailed by a hard five punch combinations and his knees buckled but he stayed standing in the tenth round.

In the 11th round, Burgos staggered Martinez at the minute and half mark but Martinez countered back despite nearly being knocked out.

He managed to survive into the final round and now was three minutes being able to say he finished the fight.

In the opening minute, Burgos nailed Martinez with a left hook that sent Martinez reeling into the rope.

He took a knee to gather his senses and waited for the eight count before he got back up. For the first time, Burgos finally saw a weakened opponent and an opponent who was ripped for the knock out.

Burgos nailed Martinez with a sharp right followed by a left hook and then a final right hand before the referee stopped the fight.

Martinez no longer could defend himself and the fight was over. He could not finish the fight but he gave a courageous effort as he had his moment with his own counter.

Burgos did finally stop his opponent but it took twelve rounds before ending the fight.

He has the talent to be a champion and he showed a variety of weapons against a determined opponent.

As for Martinez, he sent a message to Burgos that you may one day be champion — but you still have plenty to learn.