The ‘OJ’-ification of Tiger Woods

By Wendell P. Simpson, BASN Contributor
Updated: January 9, 2010

ATLANTA (BASN) — Just when you thought the Tiger Woods story was cold and dead, here comes a ghoulish media to resurrect the golfer’s misery.

Two items in the news this week demonstrated the degree to which, even in the midst of his pain, his shame and his horror, Tiger Woods continues to drive the ratings and the audited circulation of a exploitative media/entertainment complex bent on rining the last dollar out of a story even if it costs the subject his very soul.

Vanity Fair magazine previewed its February 10th cover last week. Now if the cover of one of the world’s pre-eminent women’s magazines is to be believed, Eldrick Woods has gone straight thug on us.

The photo, shot by famed pop photographer Annie Liebovitz, features a bare-chested, defiant, mock ‘angry-at-the-world’ Tiger giving the world his best gangsta impression, the only thing missing being a ‘Thug Life’ tattoo emblazoned across his abdomen.

Now this image is so far from the iconography the Tiger Woods camp has so carefully crafted as to be laughable. And the publishers at Vanity Fair acknowledge that the photo was taken well before Tiger’s fall from grace — but what impeccable timing, huh?

At the moment of his greatest disgrace, Tiger’s gets decidedly ‘blackened’ on the cover on one of the world’s most widely distributed magazines.

Welcome to the Terrordome, Eldrick. You’ve been ‘O.J.’d'!

Like the former running back, film star, pitch man and honorary white person, Tiger thought he was ‘in.’ He even tried to obliterate himself by creating a new racial category for himself, but he missed the three lessons that Black folk who aren’t the beneficiary of an elite status learn early on:

1) the one-drop rule always applies — Cablanasian is still just a euphemism for ‘not white’.

2) you might not be like the ‘rest of them’, you might even be invisible for a minute or two, but mess up, and you ARE the rest of them.

and, 3) fame will chew you up and spit you out like the husk of a bean that can’t be digested..

But his infidelities, the insolvency of his marriage and his plight as a disgraced Black athlete aren’t even the worst of Tiger’s problems. According to Fox News’ political ANAL-yst Brit Hume, even God is now on the ‘Screw Tiger Woods’ band wagon.

Last Sunday night, Hume suggested that Tiger’s Buddhist faith could not save his soul, and that in order to find true redemption, Woods would have to dump Buddha in favor of Jesus Christ.

First of all, leave it to Fox News to denigrate a half billion members of one of the world’s first and oldest religions. Then, can anyone tell me where Woods’ religious beliefs has anything to do with this mockery of the news? Can anyone tell me where any talk of religion is relevant here?

This is supposed to be America where religious freedom is an absolute and protected right–unless, of course, you’re Muslim, or apparently, Buddhist, or any other faith that falls outside of a de facto officially sanctioned Euro-centric Christianity.

Hume’s bigoted remarks constitute not only proselytizing, but editorializing, reflecting a prejudiced world view ignorant of the facts. Had Mr. Hume done just a little bit of research before spewing forth his Nazi invective, he would have discovered that, in fact, Buddhism does have a redemptive component in the form of nirvana.

The moment Hume began to utter his ignorant, racist diatribe, he should he been dragged off the soundstage and fired on the spot. But Fox News won’t even distance itself from Hume’s ignorance.

That’s because racist conservatism are its stock and trade, and xenophobia and bigotry, virtues to be upheld. It lends tacit approval to this racist slander because, after all, Tiger is a Black, un-Christian heathen who, like O.J. before him, violated the most sacred symbolism of all: the sanctity of white womanhood, and for that sin alone, Fox, in this era of fear and religious intolerance that result in bombings and murder, is willing stand by its fascist man and allow the bigoted ranting of an obvious zealot to go on unabated and un-censured.

Shame on you, Brit Hume, and shame on Fox News.

Hey, Tiger, here’s your fair and balanced media, brother….