The Back Up Plan

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: January 16, 2010
NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — When a police officer feels he can’t handle a dangerous situation by himself, he usually calls for back-up.

Even Michael Jackson, who was the greatest dancer in the world, had some back-up dancers to perform most of his classic choreographed dance routines.

So, who is your favorite NFL team’s backup quarterback as the playoffs resume this Saturday? Because with one vicious sack, your Super Bowl dreams could be over.

In the AFC, the New York Jets Mark Sanchez backup is Kellen Clemens. The Bengals’ Carson Palmer has his brother as his backup. Now that’s got to be cool!!

Baltimore’s Joe Flacco has Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith as his backup and New England’s Tom Brady, who claims to have three broken ribs already, has Michigan State’s Brian Hayer standing in his shadows.

San Diego’s Phillip Rivers has a 10-year veteran Billy Volek on the sideline. League MVP Peyton Manning of the Colts has Oregon rookie Curtis Painter. Ironically, Indy has lost their last two regular season games against the Jets (15-29) and the Bills (7-30) in the Snow Bowl.
In the NFC, the Philadelphia Eagles have two good quarterbacks in Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb to back-up Donovan McNabb. The Dallas Cowboys have veteran Jon Kitna with a pair of headphones on ready to play for Tony Romo.
In Green Bay, it’s a little different because QB Aaron Rodgers has Matt Flynn patiently waiting and Arizona’s Kurt Warner has another former Heisman Trophy winner in Matt Leinart. Oh my goodness, that’s scary.
The Saints’ Drew Brees has rookie Chase Daniel from Missouri in the background while Minnesota’s Brett Favre has the best backup quarterback in Tavaris Jackson.

The Alabama State standout could have been the starting quarterback for the Vikings this season if not for the presence of No. 4 with a helmet in his hand.

As you can see, you might need a back-up plan if your starting quarterback gets hurt in the playoffs, but don’t be afraid to call for backup!!!