Straight No Chaser: White Ball

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: January 21, 2010

DENVER (BASN) — The A ll-American Basketball Alliance.

Believe it. Accept it, and be very leary of it.

But please, don’t be surprised by the thought, the desire, the inclination on the part of angry, frustrated, envious White guys to take this frustrated next step.

Granted, the founder of this new league, Don “Moose” Lewis does represent the enraged political Far Right, because honestly, if you put on one of this cat’s uniforms, for any of his proposed 12 teams . . . you might as well be slipping-on a white bed sheet, cutting a couple of slits in it so you can see who you hate,sheet, standing in front of a burning cross, not a basketball hoop.

But the sentiment behind this idea will resonate with the rank n’ file Rednecks. I don’t believe there’s anything which can be said or done to derail or even slow the White backlash which is coming, like a freight train, to this nation.

It truly feels as if the vast majority of White folks in this country, anywhere from 65% to 85% for sure, just based on numbers, polls etc., are always clearly pitted against people-of-color in every meaningful aspect of life politics, economics, the foreign affairs of this nation, and even sports.

Let me get this straight . . . we live in a post Racial America, a color-blind nation where race is irrelevant . . . according to White people.

It’s no well-kept secret; the White establishment believes people of color bring down a neighborhood, a school, a business, a family and even sports.

The games we play, this country’s national pastimes – all stained, contaminated. polluted by Blacks. We haven’t merely redefined sports in America . . . to the insulting point where White folks can’t compete on a level playing field.

Some of us bring with us the ills n’ woes of a separate and unequal America, a place, a situation, a predicment that White people . . . have nothing to do with.

There only wish is – we’d all be like Jordan, Oprah, or that one Black guy they know who’s one of the Good onus . . . he knows his place.

Let’s not dilly-dally; Obama’s election rattled the core of far more White folks then you and I will ever know.

This league, for only White USA born, non-bi-racial guys – reflects not what liberals thought; that there was a rollin’ over taking place across America, no there’s not going to be any retreating on the behalf of angry White people, the entrenched slight-majority.

No, instead, there going to fight back in this, America’s cultural war. Whom-ever this Moose, Jackass or Pig character is – he just threw a blow for the hearts and minds of White people. His racial plea; come home, reject the NBA, adopt us, adopth the attitude of your parents, grandparents, propably all those who came before you.

Moose is creating a “uncomfortable predicament” for many White folks; either join Moose and fight race-mixing, integration, or turn your back on his racist efforts – don’t protest with nor support those who oppose a return to 1952.

Sit quietly by and let this bastard put Blacks back in chains . . . where they belong. Moose, Rush, Beck, Hannity, go on down the list, what you’ve got is a populist movement, on the behalf of the WASP base.

Their goal; to not merely turn-back the hands-of-time, but rather, these real patriotic bastards want to rip the clock off the wall, return to the good ole days.

Obviously people of color, uppity women and the desendents of Hippies and Flower Children will protest, nobody wants to go back to being property . . .

And so there’s only one out-come possible coming to a neighborhood near you . . . conflict, social/civil unrest, takin’ it to the streets; a battle Dick Cheney and his private army, Haliburton have been waiting to wage for a few years, one police forces (para-military) across America have been quietly waging against colored people since . . . 1865, or maybe 1776, or 1620.

Today it’s this All-white Basketball league, next month an all-White this, then a All White that, it’s not going to stop, because these actions are reflective of a group of people who inheirently feel superior to all other inhabitants of the planet.

That’s the reason why America is here, the peopel who were already here . . . didn’t matter, and it didn’t matter if you employed slave labor to craft this stolen land into an empire.

Their desired end . . . justifies any of their barbaric means.

Who’s to say how this fear will continue to manifest itself; angry White men are already packin’ pistols to Presidential gatherings, their kids are brandishing nooses, effigies of Obama were hung endless times across the Heartland, the Bible Belt.

It sure seems like this could get ugly quick. hate, on the behalf of Whites – appears to have built to some unbelievable level since Little Rock and Selma. LBJ’s Great Society and Dr. King’s dream represent a low-point in U.S. History according to White men.

They’ve done sat quietly by, tolerated people-of-color pretending to be . . . human, but now . . . it appears they just can’t take no more.

As people of color; we’ve got a choice, we can defend our dead ancestors investment in this nation, which was far beyond significant, we provided the Blood, guts, sweat, tears and elbow grease which preformed a semi-penal colony . . . into an Empire.

Or . . . we can get the hell out, while the gettin’s still good. I suggest Canada . . . Vancouver, the Winter’s aren’t that harsh.

I wholeheartedly believe there’s a slice of the American pie who’ve no qualms with ’roundin’ up all the “headache niggers,” from criminals and malcontents to police and fireman, intellectuals – doctors and professors, activist, artist, writers, poets . . .

There’s a desire in America to create little Devil Islands all across the land where they warehouse people-of-color not toting and touting the house-nigger company line like Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, Jesse Peterson, Ward Connely, Uncle Clarence, Shelby Steele . . . .

Today, the Teabaggers and Minutemen have no qualms about going house-to-house, breaking up 2nd generation Latino familes and shipping Brown folks back across the boarder.

I repeat, they can sleep well knowing your kids are in some detention center some where, and you and your wife are sepearted, all headed back to a place none of you have ever been before . . . Mexico.

Such an horrific thought fails to keep these real Americans awake at night.

They’ll do the same to Blacks. That’s who we’re dealing with.

An all White basketball league . . . just another log-on-the-fire, another can of hair spray tossed into the incinerator called the US of A.