Straight No Chaser: Tim The Maverick

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: January 20, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — Just so you know . . . . I have no doubt about it -Tim Tebow, must be a a bible toting, good-book thumpin religious extremist; in other words, he must be a blippin’ nut.

It’s one thing to believe in . . . whatever-in-the-hell you choose to blindly believe in, nevertheless when you strategically. . . in other words, deliberately align yourself with an operation as controversial as Focus On The Family(FOF), which Tebow and his mother have . . . you’re not merely a “religious person” but instead a religious zealot . . a fanatic follwer . . . a Crusader.

Tebow’s mother risked both her life and Tim at birth, she was advised to abort but refused, thus they’re ideal poster-people for these anti-choice radicals.

Oh boy, here we go. Pretty soon this Larry Bird with a pigskin will being doing fund-raisers for the Tea-Baggers and Glenn Beck . . . betcha’.

I must ask, what NFL team wants this public relations/locker room nightmare.

Tebow, ala . . . Jethro Bowden – is taylor made for the Right. Imagine Sarah Palin . . . with a Penis. For you fanatics, of the gridiron variety, who can’t wait to embrace and elevate this Great White Hope to sports icon status . . . you’d better hang-on to your purchasing power – this kid is going to go-to-work for the folks walking around with crosses n’ Swastika’s.

You really may be shocked by his beliefs, have a hard time believing Tebow believes what he believes, you may actually decide you can’t support a guy this . . . wacked out.

Tebow appears to be willing, wanting to do the heavy lifting for folks who have solidified themselves as Right Wing cooks.

Of course, based on their Sunday school cover, and I do mean camouflage, Focus on the Family is nothing more then your typical religious fruit cakes – while in truth, they’re the moral compass for the extreme Right in America.

At face value, yes, FOF is doing the lord’s work.

Beautiful, wonderful, more power to them, but that’s not where it stops, for anybody who didn’t have a lobotomy at birth . . . these Holy Rollers are little more then your average racist, sexist and homophobics, draped in the book of Eli; they’ve an agenda based on Mississippi, circa 1949 morals and values, think Pat Robertson, but in the mountains, Colorado Springs, home to these self-righteous modern day Pilgrims and as conservative (racist/sexist/elitist) as any lilly White enclave in Idaho or Mississippi.

Dig this too . . . . The Atlanta Braves, who host “Faith Days.” has barred these Christian extremist – with an political agenda from participating.

But that’s just an example of what their beliefs have earned them, the totality of what they’ve actually done is stunning; From the start, they’ve associated the election Of Barack Obama as the end of America, the taking-out of “us” in US of A, us being Whites.

On the eve of Obama’s election, James Dobson, leader of this . . . cult turned movement has vilified Obama, equated him with Hitler, his administration as Nazis.

According to these crusaders, the “good, decent White folk of America” are to regard themselves as Great Britons – under attack during the Bombing of Britian – WW II, the Big One, they should evoke Winston Churchill in an effort to rally the rank n’ file Rednecks for America’s coming holy war.

No question about it, it was their lord-in-Christ, Jesus Christ, the Aryan Viking Blond-haired version of course, who instructed FOF to craft a make-believe Letter from 2012 in Obama’s America, folks.

I can’t even begin to mock and ridicule this piece of work, go G oogle it, these sacramental clowns have a Puritan driven paranoia, god forbid these nuts ever smoke weed, because you can’t be any more paranoid of everybody and everything which ain’t White, Straight and God fearing – then these lunatics


The mere thought this football playing Gomer Pyle is willing to paint n’ taint himself in front of the world, during the Super Bowl by doing an anti-abortion commercial for Focus on the Family. . . either reflects the fact he is compltedly, totally a blind believer of these foolish fanatics . . . or a dumbass being manipulated by religious pimps with a Klan like agenda.

Who is the greater fool . . . the fool, or the fool who follow’s the fool . . . ? That’s a little Yoda for you.

This by the year 2012 the darkie will have screwed everything up propaganda tool they diabolically devised -predicts what can only be viewd as the everyday redneck’s nightmares come true,

Niggers, Spics, Chinks, dikes, fags, Injunes and Sand Niggers all comming together to ruin their fenced farms, their Ol’ Yeller protected trailer parks and gated communites, rape their wives and daughters,

Sodimize their son’s asses, in Mike Tyson fashion . . .

eat your kids .

Now according to these lunatics Tebow is fronting, come 2012, under the Black hearted administration of Obama. A flower child Supreme Court will be seated, mandating from the marijuana mountain top – Brad marring Tad, Cynthia marrying Heather.

They’ll ban n’ bar religious speech, label it as being “discriminatory.” And, oh my god, they’ve taken away real americans guns, making them susceptible to rovening bands of Bloods, Crips and Inca Boys.

Come 2012, according to these friends of Tebow- Al Qaeda is spreading like Muslims or Mormons – i.e. religious extremist . . . pick your cancer.

Tel Aviv looks like Port-a-Prince . . . Iran pulled the nuke trigger under Obama’s closed eyes. The USSR is back up n’ running. Hugo Chavez, is the devil re-incarnated – Latin America is now, in 2012 – under Chavez’s thumb.

And, but-of-course, the Black man in the White House has failed to protect the US – at least two horrific terrorist attacks upon the Heartland.

Petro at seven dead presidents a gallon . . . .

According to FOF, taxation under Obama has been unleashed, Uncle Sam has a Titanium Black American Express card, backed with your paycheck, no limit of course, resulting in the hard working White tax payer picking up the cloaked reparations tab.

The Sopranos backed Unions are out of control, forcing everyone to join or else . . . . Under Obama, Euro-Canadian health care – the standard, the only standard, the “gallbladder removal”line looks like Wal-Mart check-out lanes . . . with this the standard if your’ over 80, your on your own.

The Fairness Doctrine has shut down conservative hate radio. Van Johnson has pressure big book chains to remove “hate filled” Christian books . . . . Then dig this; Tebow must be OK with FOF claiming, come 2012 – the Obama Justice Department will ahve pursued Bush Administration officials into the courts, charging them with war crimes and civil rights violations.

Real American’s being bankrupted and imprisoned by a Black communist . . . .

If I were a player, sponsor or fan, I’d want to ask Tebow if he believes in what Focus on the Family believes . . . if he hates everybody in the world who’s not like him.

If there were Nation of Islam members in the NFL . . . I’d think that’d be worth noting, and people would “mark” him, the franchise would fall under fire for signing him, these FOF fools are but the flip side of that type of mindset, and Tebow’s narrow-mindedness ought not be minimized nor slighted because they are . . . Christians.