Straight No Chaser: Target Practice

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: January 6, 2010
DENVER (BASN) — Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton, two hard-court jesters are simply giving a lot of people what they desperately desire; reasons for the U.S. business establishment to begin to break-off from advertising, underwriting a league which more then annoys, let’s say burns the asses of millions . . . .
It’s surly no secret a slice of the minced meat America Pie – primarily peeved, pissed-off White men, who really, really, really wants to see the NBA collapse, as in fold, disappear, cease to exist, and they will exploit this incident in an effort to end the NBA.

Just look n’ listen for a moment . . . the airwaves, the internet, both satiated with yes, White guys, making just that point, and backing them up with the fact you can’t count the times you hear a White guy cite how “he gave up on the NBA years ago.”

It’s common knowledge Larry Bird, Danny Ainge, Kevin McHale and the good ol boys get this, “saved basketball.” Translation, it slowed the White guy exodus because he could no longer participate, and therefore had no one to associate with/root for.

Boxing and track where the first national pastimes, athletic interest to be abandon by mainstream White America, baseball has become damn near “inter-continental” when it comes to players . . . which I see as a good thing, while a caucasian cat my age- is likely to frown upon the game being “taken” from him.

Football is a lost battlefield of manhood – take away the kickers . . . the game is predominated and dominated by . . . noble savages of the Negro variety. This fact eats at the behinds of conservative, Tea Bagging neanderthals and intellectuals.

Golf dominated by a . . . Black, yes for sure-nuf Black now according to White folks. . .

Don Juan, and Tennis; two colored girls straight off the killer streets of CPT, South-Central, the 213 . . . who are just too much women for the girly boys . . . .

White America, undeniably that separate, isolated, insulated, self-proclaimed superior segment of U.S. society has instead retreated, and created/embraced “Extreme Sports,” i.e. “Extreme . . . Tiddly-Winks, Extreme Four-Square, Extreme Bike Riding, Extreme Kite Flying, Extreme Marbles, Extreme Skate-Boarding, Extreme Jacks . . . . Extreme Paper Airplane Tossing.

“Theodore, strap on that safety helmet before you take out that trash!”

“Yes mom.”

The NBA represents a pipe dream for most Euro-Americans, even those playing at the collegiate level. Many sports fans, and people in general, would like to see the league go away. It’s a showcase for a culture which intimidates to the point of aggravation, the residents of Plainsville USA.

Now, for the true European baller, who comes to America lacking the inherent fear and distaste for people-of-color, is more void of the built-in belief all blacks are aggressive, lethal creatures, capable of exploding in fit’s of rage, at the drop of a forty . . . like semi-human Pit Bulls. . . they seem to be able to compete in the NBA.
Why? Might the Eastern Europeans lack the . . . mental baggage, the Samsonite Steamer-set of historical luggage; the intrinsic inferiority issues American White guys’ battle with; a reputation as being clumsy, slew-footed – can’t run fast, jump high nor even dance.

Make luv like they dance . . . . And, the only reason Archie Bunker‘s boys just orchestrated and dominated the last century . . . is because they arrogantly, recklessly . . . have accumulated power around the globe by abiding by such Thundar the Barbarian adages as . . . “just win baby when,” and “by any means necessary.”

Both strategies have won them much booty, but virtually no luv – world wide, and little global respect.
The NBA, the game, how it’s played, is not as violent as the NHL, and I’d submit 3 out of 4 pro hockey players own guns . . . but that’s not alarming to most Americans, for whatever the reasons are, but armed Negroes is a visual which sends chills down the spin of good decent, god fearing White-folks.

So when they hear of this incident, it scares them, worries and concerns them . . it’s just a gut feelin’ they have – The Blacks are out of control! Troll the major sports message boards. I have, you’ll read the “you can take the nigger out of the ghetto, but . . . . ” over and over again.

Yes, any and every event plays out in a climate which is hostile towards Black people. Never loose site of that stark cold harsh reality. Millions of folks don’t like you . . . from Jump Street.

Most people have no clue how hated Mike Vick was before Dog-Gate even erupted . . . before he had a police record, when he was merely guilty of being an uppity Black NFL QB, similarly, lets not minimize nor ignore there’s a hope, a mind-set prevalent across the suburbs of America which is hell bent on seeing the NBA evaporate . . . just because.

These two idiots are simply making that wet-dream come true.