Straight No Chaser: Phone Home

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: January 11, 2010

DENVER (BASN) — I just want to thank Massa Beck, Glenn Beck for straightening out a whole race of people, my people, we Negroes from . . . Negro-land. Or is it Coloreds, hailing from “Colored-land.”

I guess it’s whatever they tell us we is . . . we be that.

In the capacity of a wordsmith, pounding out a column for BASN, I manufacture what angry white people tell me is “canned-hate,” even “e-hate;” anywhere from 1000 words a week to say 3,500 words, comprising two to three pieces, and I employ the term African/Afro American on a regular continual basis . . .

I had no clue, and I do mean no clue whatsoever, it was a bogus term.

No, I needed a clown in a Gestapo uniform, like Beck, to stumble along, with what I’d guess you’d call his credentials, background, expertise, stature and knowledge – to enlighten me, and the millions of . . .

Coloreds like me – as to what we’s really is . . . . or is it really be? My Ebonics be a little rusty.

It pains so many . . . that we won’t “be” what they want us to be.

Ah, the good ole days, when you declare a man . . . three fifths a man, not even a man but “property.” Is that the place Beck wants to roll the clock back to, was that the last time guys like Beck and Dick Cheney were comfortable and felt in absolute control?

Let’s walk n’ talk; Beck’s correct, we Black folks are Negroids, technically, while besides being a redneck, Beck‘s a Caucasianoid while Jackie Chan represents Mongoloids. Simple enough for everyone? Everybody clear on this – the three major groups humans fall into?

At the next relevant level of human classification in this debate, Beck is, in all truth, an European American, his roots going back to Europe.

This is the very spot reality twist into History 100; Beck and the good ol’ boys, due to a combination of ignorance and arrogance, refuse to accept they requie being hyphenated. Instead, in some make-believe pretend manner, the Irish, germane, pollacks Italians, Portuguese , Dutch and all the rest are simply, purely “Americans.” Not so, not true.

The United States is a nation composed completely by immigrants to the New World called America. The USA is the result of European Colonialism, the British Empire expanding its turf . . . to the point the sun would never set on that empire. That was the long range goal, no? To conquer all, so that they could pimp and exploit all – the people, the land and all its resources.

Yeah’ progress, ruthless, reckless at any cost, any price to others . . . progress.

Observe the current circumstances of the Native American, note the philosphy which lead to a policy for their extermination. See the American Buffalo, note the mentality which brought it to the verge of extinction. Tour Yosemite National Park, Kings Canyon, and view the Giant Sequoias Trees, and understand the “pioneers and “settlers” had no regard for these majestic works of Mother Nature, no, what they saw was tables and chairs . . . money.

Man, beast or earth . . . none of it matters to guys like Beck, Rush, or Hannity.

These are capitalist, materialist, corporatist, elitist, sexist and racist son-of-a-bitches and they are standing on the verge of coming out of the closet and telling you they are damn, damn proud of it.

With this Conan the Barbarian mind set, the result, the down the road ramifications of that “takin names n’ kickin’ ass . . . asking questions later” policy – has left a horrible taste in the mouths of the conquered, which has prompted the descendants of the red savages, the Black animals, the brown beast and the yellow peril . . . to feel a burning obligation to those who came before us, our ancestors . . . to acknowledge who and what we are beyond being subjects of the American crown.

Mexican American, African American, Asian American, Native American . . . . We too have a fatherland. Sorry, the same applies to Whites, you’re European-Americans, Euro-Americans, proud German and Irish Americans, yes, hyphenated Americans like all of us. despite your admital of it or not.

There’s a ton of crap you won’t confess to doing. Nonetheless, this land . . . is not “your” land baby. Your fore-fathers were merely well-dressed savages – not some wide-eyed explorers, in the style of Lewis n’ Clark, no these boys were marauders and raiders with a priest along for good luck.

The legacy of Columbus, Cortes and the rest – is only celebrated by their descendants; most historians . . . most historians label these men as pirates . . . with the Kings blessing and flag.
Afro-American, a term applied to Blacks, Blacks who don’t hale from . . . Black land, but from countries within the continent of Africa, Black Americans of African origin and ancestry. How goddamn complicated is that Glenn?

Permit me to pull your coat; Beck, Rush, Hannity and the Klan see it; ” Afro-American” is a term from the 1960’s.

Malcolm X, the most feared of uppity niggers since Nat Turner popularized the term, The Black Power Movement he was the slain figurehead of, solidified its usage as the correct, proper, technical term to be used, it became the standard . . . to the disgust of Archie Bunker clones nation wide.

A large segment of White America rejected the term Afro-American, wanting to continue on with what they were comfortable with, of course, which was, whatever in the hell popped into their head.

Nigger, Spook, coon, boot, bucks, jigaboos, porch monkeys, mud people, Tar Baby, biscuit lips, Spade, Blackie, jungle bunny, lawn jockey, spear-chucker or any of the numerous terms-of-endearment self-labeled color-blind white folks embedded in the American vernacular.

Beck’s positioning on this “branding” issue is merely his effort to insult Blacks, incite tension and conflict on both sides of the racial divide and ignite his combustible Caucasian base. It ain’t complicated, really.
Consider the source, Beck’s perspective of the world around him is, by his own admission, greatly, dramatically influenced by W. Cleon Skousen . . .

think the Klan, but cleaned-up, maybe the Amish with hoods and guns. Some of the most over-the-top “screw you dumb ass nigger” love letters I’ve gotten – are from the disciples of Joesph Smith and Brigham Young when I speak truth to stupidity.

Go Google Mormons, Mormons and Blacks . . . and just read.
Check out what Black Mormons, especially the younger ones have to say about the religion,, the people, the church and the state of Utah. If I say any more, these fanatical lunatics will loose their flippin’ minds. For whatever the reason, they believe the documented history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is one void of racism.

The audacity of Beck to charge a mulatto, Obama – with a “deep seeded hatred of White people,” when racism, directed at Blacks by his chosen religion/cult is unquestionably, undeniable and unequivocally a documented, self-admitted fact.

Beck’s religious affiliation with certain sectors of American society solidify his status as a racist bastard; the Mormons, Tea-Baggers, Republicans, the John Birch Society and racist, sexist, elitist FOX News – all suffer from the wide spread reputation of harboring little respect for people of color.
Most enlightened black folks understand this Romber Room level concept, now if the Right won’t confess to their blind hatred, and the limousine liberals on the Left, need more viable proof then my Spidey senses before they can call Beck a little Hitler, well sorry fellahs,
I believe in callin’ a spade . . . a spade, and a cracker – a racist.