Straight No Chaser: I could be wrong, but I doubt it

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: January 14, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — I could be wrong, it’s known to happen, ask the wife . . .but I don’t think Jim Brown, the great one, ever had any up close and and highly personal Kodak Moments with the infamous former president Tricky Dick Nixon. nor did the Greatest, Ali.

So why, in the hell, is it the TV cameras were able to flash to a mutual man-love moment between Emmit Smith and George W. Bush last week at Jerry’s house while playing the wingless Eagles.

Will these two buddies be breaking bread again this weekend when the Cowboys travel to the Nordic North to face the Purple People Eaters? Is this the beginning of a beautiful relationship, something special and unique?

Yeah, yeah, yeah . . . I know, I’m nit-picking here, and all we’ve really got here is a dumb-ass ex-jock -conversing with a dumb-ass ex-president.

Perhaps No. 22 was merely being mannerable, but I would think, noting all the evil this Affirmative Action Ivy League legacy male-cheerleader was responsible for over the last decade,

Smith might have declined to have a few “Millers” with a sum-bitch who, in all truth – allowed people to die during the Hurricane Katrina debacle.

By anyone’s account, he sat idely by and let women, children and old folks die . . . who wants a snapshot with this mass man-slaughterer . . . Emmitt?

I guess Katrina, a natural disaster story, of epic Hollywood, damn near biblical proportions . . . and the agonizing aftermath Bush orchestrated – none of that graphic and dramatic footage didn’t make it onto Emmitt’s morning new’s sport’s page.

Emmitt’s harboring no anger about that.

Nor appearently is Smith burdened by the thought this draft dodging, semi-AWOL imbecile began the sacrificing of blood, American soldier’s blood – in order to obtain all the Texas Tea in the Arabian desert.

The man is a war criminal – in waiting, history will confirm this clown-without-a-conscience is directly responsible, accountable and liable for the deaths of thousands of human beings.

That little diabolical bump-in-the-road is what . . . meaningless to Emmitt?

Bush, refused to meet with the NAACP during his tenure, the first President to snub the historical civil rights organization in decades. While W. was in office . . . the rich got richer, the poor got poorer, as the middle class was kicked in the crotch.

Tax cuts for the wealthy, a reduction in social services for the little people , wealthy parents of schoolchildren used Bush’s No child Left Behind voucher-program to get away from African-American and Latino dominated schools, leaving young, gifted Black and Brown children to rot in inadequate schools on urban reservations.

Bush’s right-hand sissy, Dick Cheney is spearheading the relentless attacks on President Obama as we speak, stiring the Yankee Pot Roast stew, hoping to incite the millions of angry rednecks who believe Obama is busy at work trying to “transfer” all the White wealth to the ghetto, in order to pay back Blacks . . .

Call it “cloaked reparations,” that’s exactly what hate mongers like Rush and Glenn Beck stream out from atop 50,000 watt radio station blow torches.

I can only assume Smith is either unaware of these recent presidential happenings, ignorant of what’s going on around him, or pathetically uninterested in events off the gridiron or the dance floor.

Arthur Ashe wouldn’t have provided the Republican Party with this type of positive PR, he would have understood his image would be pimped and exploited by the . . . enemy.

Smith will be used, in an calculated effort to depict the “Party of Bull Conner” as “not that bad” merely suffering from PR, a friend to the Black race.

It honestly inflames my ass when I see today’s Black gladiator really has little concept of the world around him, and what’s as disheartening,

I don’t believe contemporary sportsmen are interested in what goes on at the big table, the level of intellectual/political or social curiosity is all but absent, frozen at the last grade level they actually did classroom work in, for Emmitt, what seventh, maybe eighth grade was the last time this college boy sat in a science lab?

These disconnected-to-everyday people’s-life . . . grown children – reluctantly stood up to support Obama, they’ve had nothing to say about an illegal war abroad, a foreigh policy which creates enimies every hour of the day and an economic depression here at home.

Now, let there be some conflict about player dress codes or doin’ a little dance in the end-zone, these prom-queens get their jocks all-in-a-bunch.

I can only guess that’s a topic they understand, Politics 201, these cats don’t know, what do you think . . . they went to college or something?

Consider the headlines had Emmitt left Jerry’s palatial penthouse when the weasel entered, that would have been appropriate, fitting, justified and applicable, it would have made global headlines and created constructive dialog as to “why” Black folks don’t wish to be seen with George Bush, a man who betrayed Black American citizens at a time of desperate need, who turned his back on working class folks of all colors, and pitted this empire against . . . the world – in some misguided, twisted holy crusade to spread the word of Billy Graham.