Straight No Chaser: Brownie Points

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: January 13, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — In the new book “Game Change,” authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann claim, in 2008 Harry Reid described then-Presidential candidate Barack Obama as a ” ‘light-skinned’ African American – with no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one, whom many voters would embrace.”

Reid’s speaking of Democrats . . . liberal, tolerant color-blind, White folks – who would not be frightened by Obama. Translation; Obama’s an acceptable “house-nigger,” he can live and sleep amongst master. . . .

Obama’s the lone Black guy in his deep suburban culdisac, the neighbor’s invite him to the bar-b-ques, there kids play together, his kids are invited to the slumber parties . . .maybe that’s a stretch? Is that a stretch? Because that require using the bathroom . . . #2.

I deveate, sorry. Obama, Light enough in appearance, walks, talks . . . damn near looks like on of us . . . and that’s important. His nasal tone, draw and inflection – close enough to that of Whites, to not alarm Whites, i.e., Obama was an non-threatening Negro.

I can only wonder if former NFL field Generals Herman Edwards and Tony Dungy got “brownie Points” based on their complexion? If the leagues owners were willing to admit Rush into the Country Club?

Why must Harry Reid step down in shame, for what . . . telling it the way it really is?

What ought not be lost here . . . Reid was right, these factors matter, greatly, even to supposedly “good, decent white folk” . . . if you’re a . . . Negro, and look like a White guy left in the Mojave Desert for a couple of days – as oppossed to a well-tanned Zulu Warrior. . . it matters to White America.

Reid merely spoke the Burning Bush truth – skin color, speech patterns, dialect, kinkiness of hair, thickness of lips – are all critical elements in the eyes of who. . . yes, millions of White folks?

Characteristics which can “spook”white folks, who, like their parents and grandparents before them – retain a lot of anti-black attiudes which must be played-to, pacified, appeased, and placated.

Ain’t that a bitch!

Please, some shine sun-light upon my dumb black ass, I’m lost – why must this known, well documented ” preference” be explained and broken down, as if Black and White alike don’t understand – “if you’r e White, you’re all right, if you’re brown . . . you can stick around, but, if you’re Black . . . get back.”

This nation can’t admit that we all understand Whites have a demonstrated track record of determining the threat level of Blacks, in part, based on their Blackness. Some of us, in the eye’s of Whites . . . are a little more civilized then others – Reid was merely citing, recognizing the preferences of his people . . . .

Are we pretending, make-believing, acting as if the reaction would be the same if little Bobby O’leary came home with his new lover, Serena Williams as opposed to Beyonce . . . . I refuse to play-along with this, somebody go grab The Stories, Brother Louie;

She was black as the night

Louie was whiter than white

Danger, danger when you taste brown sugar

Louie fell in love overnight

Nothing bad, it was good

Louie had the best girl he could

When he took her home

To meet his mama and papa

Louie knew just where he stood

Where would O’leary stand – outside, disowned by his mother and father because he had taken a black as night women. There’s always been degrees of Blackness which determined ones ability to be acceptable to the White mainstream.

Lena Horne, Dorothy Dandridge, Dianne Carroll, Jayne Kennedy; it’s not happenstance these women were more or less . . . light bright, damn near White . . .

It was the visual White America was most comfortable with, and brainwashed negros accepted, adopted and adhered to, hell we still today cater to White whims.

There he stood in the night Knowing what’s wrong from what’s right He took her home to meet his mama and papa Man, he had a terrible fright Louie nearly caused a scene Wishin’ it was a dream Ain’t no diff’rence if you’re black or white Brothers, you know what I mean

Why do you think the Williams women, of Tennis royalty, catch so much hell, while Beyonce, MariahCarrey and all the beautiful Vanessa Williams clones are more acceptable?

Could Serena n’ Venus be, , might they . . . be too Black for White folks?

Tragically, this lighter the better mentality, this too Black belief – Black culture reflects it, we’ve adopted the standards and values of Whites, there’re millions of lost Black men who’d take a size 22 snowball, or a size 1 snowflake over a chocolate beauty like Gabrielle Union . . .

They’ve been taught to hate their Blackness like so many White folks hate it.

The darker the berry . . . the sweeter the juice.

Reid, a White man whose almost three-quarters of a century old, was only utilizing the terminology of his era, and a time he’s more in touch with, 1964, then the current one, and that’s a significant part of what’s wrong with the Party of Jackasses, it’s made up of relics – who’re too closely tied to the conservative political and business establishment.

Should he be hung at sunrise for observing and catering to the reality of the landscape – I can’t say, but the calls from the Right, demanding Reid step down are hypocritical if not meaningless.

Twist inside-out the saying “that’s the pot calling the kettle black,” the Republican party is the headquarters for racist White people.

I would submit, as Black folks – we should not forget Harry Reid had to evaluate Obama’s “attractiveness” to gain the White House, still today – based on these flawed and ass-backward factors.

Additionally, I find it more alarming this nations “first” Black president, the Ray-Ban wearing, sax-playing gigolo, with the extra, out-of-marriage sex partner’s luggage, Bill Clinton, suggested, according to this book, “a few years ago, this guy (Obama) would’ve been getting us coffee . . . .”

Couple this with Hillary Clinton, who during the primary season betrayed her “liberal” label and questioned Obama’s citizenship, religion and character, according to this book she wanted to “go after him” on Obama’s admital of casual mind-altering drug use, a little skiing, a lot of luv making to Mary Jane.

And these are our allies . . . these are the descendants of abolitionist like John Brown?

At the end of any writer’s column dealing with this particular story, any writer, the point being hammered home ought to be; and these are the friends of Black people . . . .

If you’re writing about sports, these comments serve to only solidify the criteria for which blacks – including collegiate and professional administrators, coaches, players, cheerleaders, are weighed and measured by white society . . . .

Golly, it’s a hard trying to please White folks. . . “Damn colored gal, I don’t like da’ way ya’ walk n’ talk . . . you’re fired.”

Let me offer that 2:57 AM wake-your-ass-up-call to White folks – you ain’t that complicated, don’t delude yourself, most of the globe understands exactly where you’re coming from . .

. ain’t nobody good enough.

That was made clear when Black GI’s were belittled, beaten and hung . . . in their uniforms in the 1940’s and it’s made clear today with the complete disrespect President Obama has had to handle.

When it’s all said n’ done; if Jay-Z purchased a fleet of 747’s, and was sending Black folks back to Africa . . . I don’t suspect there would be more then a dwarf’s handful of white folks at the airport with a tear in their eye . . . .

Damn, with friends like the ones Reid was speaking of, the Democrat Party, we Negroes clearly don’t need any enimies . . . yet we all know we’ve more enimies in this country than can be counted on an octopuses arms, tentacles, what ever . . . .

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