No Hard Feelings, But……..

By Troy A. Sparks, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: January 24, 2010

MILWAUKEE (BASN) — Even though the NFL anticipates a highly-rated playoff game in New Orleans and Minnesota, fans here in Wisconsin hope the Vikings lose.

They also want their quarterback to fall flat on his face. I reminded the Blog Talk Radio audience Friday night on “The Batchelor Pad” show with L.A. Batchelor that Packer fans are a little short of hating Favre’s guts.

That’s understandable, because he threw for 33 touchdowns and had seven interceptions with Minnesota.

He embarrassed the Packers twice this past season, and they’re still upset about that.

A little side note here. The Timberwolves were in town playing the Bucks, but that’s another story.

A sports-talk show host told listeners Friday that he couldn’t “conceive the Vikings winning their first Super Bowl with Brett Favre. “Just saying it sounds wrong,” Steve (The Homer) True said on WAUK-AM (540).

The Packer-Viking rivalry is getting fiercer than their beef with the Chicago Bears.

Rich Halverson, a UW-Madison education professor, did a study on fan behavior. His mother loves Favre.

His father can’t stand the Vikings. Halverson found that most fans in Wisconsin are loyal to their teams.

Once upon a time, Favre owned the central and northern part of the state.

Not anymore. And Deanna Favre added fuel to the fire when she said in the recent issue of Sports Illustrated that they “seemed to fit in (Minnesota). I feel like God brought us here.”

Bill Michaels, another sports-talk show host on WTMJ-AM (620), said the calls and e-mails pertaining to Favre weren’t positive. He said that many fans “are hoping to see Favre go down in flames (this weekend).”

The entire nation will keep an eye on Favre. They can care less about Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Many people in Wisconsin will watch the game, even though they hate Favre right now.

As I said on the “Batchelor Pad”, if Minnesota wins the Super Bowl, they should name a street after Favre. We’ll leave the last word to John O’Neill. He’s known as “St. Vince.”

“Ever since the Vikings came into the league, I’ve never rooted for them,” he said. . . . (Favre) has tainted his legacy. There’s no getting around that.”