Mixing ideas through education and sport

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: January 4, 2010

PIKESVILLE, Md. BlackCollegeBaseball.com is announcing that The Metropolitan Junior Baseball League, Inc. ( MJBL ) has agreed to a one year partnership for the 2010 baseball season.

MJBL will become the primary partner for the BCB newsletter.

BCB has run a weekly newsletter for historically black colleges and universities baseball programs since 2008. Beginning in 2010, the BCB newsletter will add several new features.

In efforts to help grow MJBL , BlackCollegeBaseball.com will add a bi-weekly column entitled ‘Ken’s Corner.’

This corner will include comments from MJBL Board of Director member and former MEAC commissioner Ken Free. It will also include updates from the 16 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Nassau and the Grand Bahamas league commissioners.

“This partnership shows the continued growth and importance of black college baseball programs and the BCB website,” said Ruffin Bell, owner of the Black College Baseball website. “This partnership will help Black College Baseball assist communities at a new level.”

“BCB will begin its next phase of development by supervising several showcases that will benefit MJBL members and surrounding communities.

Profiles of potential student-athletes will then be placed on Blackcollegebaseball.com and forwarded to the college baseball community.”

The Metropolitan Junior Baseball League, Inc. ( MJBL ) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.

The league was founded in 1966 by Dr. William M.T. Forrester in Richmond, Va. during the days of segregation when there were very limited opportunities for African-American youth to participate in organized baseball.

Today, MJBL is a national organization that offers baseball, educational and cultural enrichment opportunities to youth of all nationalities who desire to participate.

“I am extremely pleased to have the opportunity to announce the partnership between MJBL and Blackcollegebaseball.com , stated MJBL Executive Director, William Forrester, Jr..

“I realize the importance of providing national exposure for the accomplishments of our young men who are participating in HBCU baseball programs. Without Blackcollegebaseball.com, the outstanding achievements of these young men would go unnoticed to many throughout the baseball world.”

Forester highlights that “This partnership will not only continue to accentuate the efforts of these collegiate ball players, but it will also introduce our future baseball talent pool of high school juniors and seniors that are currently participating in MJBL.”

“It will enable us to share the impediments that MJBL league commissioners face when trying to offer and promote baseball and educational opportunities to our youth in our African-American communities across the country.”

“Finally, it provides a medium for MJBL chairman, Ken Free Sr., who is acknowledge as a leading expert on HBCU sports to share his views and opinions on a variety of topics. I applaud Mr. Bell for his work, and I’m extremely grateful to be a part of this network.”

MJBL is host to several events throughout the year. The league will host the 20th Annual MJBL Inner City Classic featuring the MJBL World Series dubbed “The Black World Series” to be held July 28-August 1 in Greensboro, N.C.

This all inclusive event is intended to reconnect to the legacies and accomplishments that the Negro Leagues once provided to this great nation.

The Bobby Bonds Memorial Symposium is also featured during the Classic. It focuses on baseball programs at historically black colleges and universities and has become a think tank for the African American community on how to revitalize our communities through education and sport.

It’s been endorsed by Hall of Famer and ESPN analyst Joe Morgan and others.

Started in 2002, BCB is dedicated to the promotion of black college baseball teams, the academic institutions and collegiate baseball.

NOTE: For more information about BCB, visit the official website at www.blackcollegebaseball.com .