Kobe Bryant On Sesame Street

By Wesley Chism Jr., BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: January 11, 2010

SEATTLE (BASN) — Kobe Bryant is really starting to get on my last nerve and this is something that has been building up for a long time but I’ve been trying to look past it.

It’s not enough that he has four NBA Championship rings, an Olympic Gold Medal and three All-Star MVP trophies.

I had to be given medication to get over the 81 points that he dropped on the Toronto Raptors.

Then to add insult to injury as if the English language isn’t enough, Kobe speaks Italian and French to his repertoire and speaks them fluently.

In 2010, I had vowed to let it all of that go and put the hater aide aside but this time Kobe too far!

Now he is doing the one thing in life that I want to do more than anything in the world — appear on Sesame Street!

That’s right, the NBA superstar will appear on an original episode of Sesame Street premiering January 21st on PBS . Sesame Street will be celebrating 40 years of making the world a little brighter with everything that you’ve come to love and more brought to you by the letter N.

NEW Show Format, NEW Show Open, NEW Nature Curriculum, NEW Abby Cadabby CGI Animation and NEW First Lady Michelle Obama!

“It is truly an honor to have Mrs. Obama join us in our premiere show on this landmark 40th anniversary season,” said Carol-Lynn Parente, Executive Producer of Sesame Street.

“I feel extremely privileged to produce the gold standard of children’s television, serving up our well-known favorite characters and parodies, while striving to create innovative stories and formats using the latest technologies.

This is what keeps the show fresh, exciting and relevant to the needs of today’s children.”

Kobe will be hanging out with some of the coolest people on the planet!

I’ve admired Oscar from the first time that I saw him and Aloysius Snuffleupagus is cool as a fan.

I’m sure that the Cookie Monster might share a few snacks with Kobe too.

Oh what I wouldn’t do to have lunch with Contess Von Backwards and Forgetful Jones that would be a memorable moment.

Sesame Street is and has always been the coolest place for celebrities and icons to be seen.

I can remember being a student of Ms. Lynch at Larchwood Academy in Philadelphia when Muhammad Ali came on the show and the smile that came across my face.

That tradition will continue and folks are lined up to appear.

Actors such as Greg Kinnear, Jake Gyllenhaal, Cameron Diaz, Hugh Jackman, Eva Longoria, Sarah Jessica Parker, Adam Sandler, Jimmy Fallon, Jenny Garth, Paul Rudd, Ricky Gervais, Patricia Arquette, Brendan Fraser, Matthew Fox, Christina Applegate, and Cedric the Entertainer just to name a few.

I expect the same type of performance from Kobe on Sesame Street as on the basketball court, he’s going to be great and I’ll be cheering him on.

Check your local listings to get in on the action.