Is It Hype Or The Truth??

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: January 4, 2010
NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — They call him the The Great Wall, The Messiah’s Son, J-Wall, J-Weezy, and The People’s Champ and some people are also calling him the greatest point guard ever to play the game.
Is it all hype or is Kentucky’s 6-foot-4, 175-pound freshman John Wall the best guard in the history of college basketball? With the Kentucky Wildcats ranked No. 3 in the college basketball and boasting a 15-0 record, many people are believing it to be true.
I know, it sounds ridiculous, but many people have formed this outrageous opinion by watching clip after clip of Wall’s unbelievable human highlight film on YouTube where he dunks on player after player, blocking shots, and dribbling pass opponents with the greatest of ease while in high school at Word Of God Academy in Raleigh.
It’s amazing, if you have seen it. Oh yeah, there is also that one nasty dunk on Jerry Stackhouse at a North Carolina pro-Am in August.
But is that enough to call him, the best point guard to play college basketball. I don’t think so. Honestly, Wall hasn’t done anything to deserve this title.
Currently, Walls is averaging 17.3 points per game, 7.5 assists per game while shooting 81.9 % from the free throw line. Now, those are some pretty good stats.
But it’s silly to say with these stats that he is better than Earvin “Magic” Johnson when he was at Michigan State or Isiah Thomas when he was at Indiana.
Hell, he is not even better than Wake Forest’s Chris Paul, UNC’s Kenny Smith, University of Calfornia’s Jason Kidd or Georgia Tech’s Kenny Anderson thus far in my humble opinion as a sports writer.
This of course is debatable. It, however will be hard to measure Wall’s greatness with point guards of the past, because his collegiate career will obivious be cut short.
Wall will continue the “one and done” trend, a phrase referring to a player leaving for the NBA after their Freshman year in college like Kentucky head coach John Calipari’s former outstanding point guards Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls) and Tyreke Evans of the Sacramento Kings.)
Don’t get me wrong, John Wall is awesome and entertaining to watch and probably will be the No. 1 overall pick in the upcoming 2010 NBA draft.

But if Wall along with his Kentucky teammates don’t win a NCAA Title all of this nonsense about him being the best ever to play the position can be laid to rest.

For the record, the legendary Isiah Lord Thomas III led Indiana University to the NCAA title as a sophomore in 1981 under the leadership of coach Bob Knight as well as winning two back-to-back NBA titles for the Detroit Pistons in 1989-90.
Wall, oddly enough, wears the No. 11 jersey like Thomas. But those are some big shoes to walk-in. So stop all the madness, and let’s wait until March Madness!!!
Just remember, the Kansas Jayhawks are waiting…