Eight Wishes For 2010

By Gary Norris Gray, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: January 11, 2010

CALIFORNIA (BASN) — The number eight is a very lucky number in the Chinese community. So for the year of 2010, The Gray Leopard Cove will make these eight wishes.

The first wish is to change the Washington football club’s name and the logo of the Cleveland Indians. This will show the world that we are truly changing the racial mindset of the United States . We have an African-American President, but we still have miles to go for racial respect and harmony. Let the sports world respect our First Nation or Native American Brothers and Sisters by removing these names and logos. This would be the first step in racial unity in the United States .

The second wish is that every true baseball fan will read these two books: “Ball Four” by Jim Bouton and “Asterisk” by David Ezra. Then make an intelligent decision about the legitimacy of Major League Baseball and their drug policies. MLB does not want fans to really understand what has been going on for the past 45 years. Bouton was ousted from the baseball world for telling the truth. His book addresses the issues of rampant drug use and nightly drinking in the 1970′s. MLB has also blackballed future Hall of Famer Barry Lamar Bonds for his alleged steroid use in the 1990s instead of cleaning up its own house. Read the books and then tell me who is telling the truth. Read these books and if you still believe Bonds cheated, then please enlighten me and the American public.

The third wish is will be a great Stanley Cup final four with the San Jose Sharks battling the Chicago Blackhawks in the West and the New Jersey Devils meeting the Washington Capitals in the East. Each conference would have one team with experience and the other team still searching for their first Stanley Cup. This would be great for television ratings if the NHL ever gets its proverbial head out of the sand. It would also be the first time that six Black players would play in the Stanley Cup semifinals.

The fourth wish is that Tiger Woods will return to the PGA Tour this year and go undefeated. That would teach the media not to mess with the best golfer in the world. Once Tiger gets his personal life together, it’s going to be tough to beat him because he is so focused on the links. Now I bet you the gallery will try to rattle him everywhere he plays and every shot he makes. The closer Tiger gets to win his record 18th major the more pressure he will receive. Remember, Mr. Woods loves pressure on the golf course.

The Fifth wish is that Michael Vick signs a multi-year contract with another team and starts at quarterback. His football talent has been sorely missed since the 2008-2009 football season. We salute the Eagles’ organization for giving this young man a second chance — something America thrives on and respects. He threw his lone TD pass against Dallas during last week’s Wild Card game.

The sixth wish is that the BCS Series be disbanded forever. College football fans now know that it’s a sham and a farce. This was designed for the major conferences to attain more revenue. If the NCAA does not disband the BCS, maybe a true champion will emerge and break the iron grip of the major conferences.

By the way, congratulations to the University of Alabama for beating the University of Texas for this year’s BCS Crown. We here at BASN are still investigating the origin of the name of the Crimson Tide.

There are various renditions of this nickname.

The Seventh wish is that the Northeast gets a respectable NBA team. The New Jersey Nets, New York Knicks, and the Philadelphia 76rs don’t put a real NBA basketball team most nights. If they combined all three rosters, they still would not have a formidable team that could beat the Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, Denver Nuggets, San Antonio Spurs or Los Angeles Lakers. It’s going to be a long hard spring for the basketball fans of New Jersey , New York , and Pennsylvania . Oh how we long for the days of Willis Reed, Walt “ Clyde “Frazer, Earl “the Pearl ” Monroe, Dick Barnett, “Dollar” Bill Bradley, and Dave DeBusschere in New York. Or even the days of Jefferson, “K-Mart” Kenyon Martin, Jason Kidd, Kerry Kittles, Keith Van Horn, and Vince Carter in Jersey. And lastly the glory days of “Dr. J,” Julius Erving, Moses (Fo’-Fo’-Fo’) Malone, Mo Cheeks, and Doug Collins in Philly.

The final wish is to give college student athletes a monthly stipend for playing for their respective schools. If a college coach can receive a shoe, clothing and other million dollar endorsements, including a million dollar salary, the student-athlete should also benefit and not starve, especially on Sunday nights when most schools do not serve dinner. What the University of Michigan did with Chris Webber and his uniform is a complete disgrace. The University sold thousands of his No. 4 jersey for many years on campus after he graduated. Webber did not receive a dime from the proceeds. Is this fair or right?

There you have it !! All eight wishes. Will you join me in making some of these wishes come true. You can also send us your eight sports wishes for the New Year as well.

Finally, we hope all of the readers of BASN have a safe and healthy New Year.

And remember you are always welcomed at the Cove on Saturday afternoons.