Bringin’ Noise To The Garden

By Jerald L. Hoover, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: January 24, 2010

NEW YORK (BASN) — Two of the quieter of this year’s version of the New York Knicks, Wilson Chandler and Jordan Hill have been playing lights out basketball in their perspective roles of late.

Making their noise on the court has been sweet music to the ears of Knicks fans, coach’s and player’s alike.

Chandler is more of the silent assassin type. He hardly says a word and rarely if ever at all shows emotion on the court. He’s kind of like a Rod Strickland type in that regard.

Hill, who if it weren’t for this recent stretch of good play would’ve been labeled as a bust with little hope after being selected with the eighth pick of last June’s NBA Draft.

Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni recently said regarding Hill, “he played really well. He’s done that the last couple of games, so he’s coming on a little bit.”

Hill had eight points and a career high seven rebounds in an important 11 minutes in a 115-105 loss to the Lakers.

Hill at 6-feet-11 has the speed and athletism to give the average big man trouble. And once he learns the nuisances and gains a body suitable for success in the NBA game, he might turn into a real fine player.

The Knicks as a whole are playing much better these days even in defeats they’ve showed heart and togetherness.

“We got a good group of guys that are starting to learn how to play together,” Coach D’Antoni said.

That means a lot especially coming from this franchise after the circus-like atmosphere that was the team in the latest years.

In the Laker game, Chandler who had a season high of 28 points was giving Kobe Bryant the business.

He posted up, shot jumpers and played versatile defense.

Chandler was unguardable; he’s been sizzling.

The problems occurred for the Knicks when Duhon who hasn’t been playing well of late went out of the game and little used sub, Larry Hughes was brought in cold in the second half to give him a blow.

Nate Robinson who tweaked a hamstring in the first half didn’t return for the second.

Robinson kept the Knicks going fast and thus put the pressure on the Lakers keeping them on their heels.

One cannot become too jaded or too giddy when thinking of the Knicks because, they can play great against the “good” teams and then come out lagging and dragging and lay an egg for the “bad” teams.

But, there may be hope for the Boys of Gotham after all. Giving up 140 plus points has not happened since there was a consorted effort to actually play defense and not embarrass themselves.

That has made fans in the building smile and show support by ferociously chanting the word “defense” like the old days of the 90s in the Ewing, Mason and Oakley era and not feel as if their will was being ignored.