Box And One With Dontell Jefferson

By Wesley Chism Jr., BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: January 4, 2010

SEATTLE (BASN) — There’s still a lot of rumbling going on regarding the NBA D League’s Utah Flash lost to the Colorado 66ers in the Championship game.

It has been said that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and in the case of Dontell Jefferson, he took those words to heart.

The first thing that he did at the conclusion of the season was to get a strength coach and hit the weight room, the results were immediate.

He’s much stronger than last season and he looks extremely conditioned.

The 6-foot-5 guard is a lean, mean shooting machine that’s averaging 20 ppg, 4.8 rbp and 5.9 apg this season for Utah.

“We took that lost hard during the Championship game and if you spoke to anyone that was on the team from last season and they will tell you the same thing, I felt that I needed to take the necessary steps to be better,” said Dontell.

There are a lot of new guys on the squad and they are being worked into the system as we speak.

“The chemistry is working out and we are getting use to playing with each other,” stated Dontell

“We’ve become more defensive minded this season because that’s what kept us from winning the Championship,” Dontell continued.

Last season Dontell was the 15th Gatorade Call Up when he signed a 10-day contract with the Charlotte Bobcats and the 133rd overall since the NBA D League began play in 2001.

He’s still up to his old tricks right now, playing hard and setting up his teammates.

You know, just the basic things that coaches come to expect from him.

“I feel that I’m more balanced on both ends of the court now.

My offense has finally caught up with my defense and it took me a minute to realize that being better on the defensive end will get me to the next level,” said Dontell.

“Limiting my turnovers, being a good teammate and proving leadership in the locker room are my personal goals for the season,” he added.

Dontell is a very humble, patient player that allows the game to come to him and just let things happen.

“I’ve got some much to be thankful for and I’m excited to be a part of this organization.

I will be so proud when we hold up a Championship Trophy with the Utah Flash engraved on the side,” Dontell commented.

Dontell already owns one NBA D-League Championship ring that he won as a member of the Dakota Wizards during the 2006-2007 season.

There might be a little added pressure on him to get another.

He knows that his Mother is in attendance or she’s sitting in front of the computer catching all the action.

“My Mom is my biggest fan and understands the game.

I will talk to her and she will give me advice or point out some things that were going in the game, I love her, stated Dontell.”

At press time, the Utah Flash are 8-6 and hosted the Tulsa 66ers on Tuesday.