A ‘Wild’ Sunday In The Desert

By Troy A. Sparks, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: January 11, 2010

MILWAUKEE (BASN) — What a shame, what a shame! From my point of view, the swagger the Green Bay Packers had all last week just gone to hell in a hand basket.

And that’s what they get. There’s no mercy when it comes to the NFL Playoffs. Their game on the road Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals reminded us of the old AFL days: Wide-open offense and lots of scoring.

So what experience can Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers take from his screw-up in the 51-45 overtime loss?

It depends on how long he has time to think about it. How about six months?

The problem that Rodgers had throughout the season was not getting rid of the ball fast. He simply holds the ball too long. That contributed to some of his sacks this year. Obviously, this time, holding the ball too long ended the Packers’ season.

Green Bay won the coin toss and received the ball first in overtime. In third-and-six at their own 24-yard line, Rodgers dropped back to pass. Arizona cornerback Michael Adams hit Rodgers, who fumbled the ball at the 17.

Karlos Dansby returned the ball 17 yards to the end zone for the winning score.

That really wasn’t all Rodgers’ fault. The tight end went past Adams and out into open space.

The Packers didn’t have an extra blocker to pick up Adams. That’s how he got a free shot on Rodgers.

In two years of being on the job, “A-Rod” should’ve drawn on his experience and threw the ball away. They can punt the ball, play defense and try again next time. Oh well.

Life around these parts of Wisconsin will suck now. Up in Minnesota, the ageless purple gunslinger who had his big hands under the green and gold butt of whoever snapped the ball during his 16-years in Titletown, is laughing his tail off.

You know he is.

If Green Bay general manager Ted Thompson want to see what he let get away, maybe he should ask that dude from Mississippi to mail a game ticket from the Metrodome to 1265 Lambeau Avenue by Thursday.

When Arizona took that 17-0 first quarter lead, I thought the game would be over at that point. The Pack managed to stay within reach, being down at halftime 24-10.

Who would’ve thought Green Bay would score 21 points in the fourth quarter to tie the game at 45 at the end of regulation?

Despite it being the highest scoring game in NFL history and a combined 1,024 yards, the game was Arizona’s to win, but their kicker, Neil Rackens missed from 34 yards.

If he makes that field goal, it wouldn’t even be a conversation right now. On the other hand, Green Bay’s kicker Mason Crosby missed one in the first half, so he’s not excused.

Wake up, Packer fans. There won’t be a rematch in Minnesota against the Vikes.

Needless to say, the other three wild-card games were pieces of crap. The New York Jets beat the crap out of Cincinnati on the road Saturday. Now Chad Ochocinco, or Johnson, or whatever he wants to call himself, can cry all he wants in the offseason, big crybaby!

New England was ripped to pieces at home against Baltimore. They were more confident than the Packers in thinking a victory was in the bag in Foxboro. Not!

Dallas was expected to win at home Saturday, and they did. It’s another reason Philadelphians hate the Cowboys. They beat the Eagles convincingly in their last two meetings.

Next weekend, San Diego should stomp all over the Jets in the Divisional Playoffs. I see the Ravens upsetting Indianapolis in another road game, then telling their quarterback, Peyton Manning, to take his MVP trophy and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

New Orleans should give Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner his choice of how he wants to be carried out in his “retirement” announcement after their defense get to him. Brett Favre, I think, will keep the Minnesota gravy train rolling. The players don’t listen to the coaches anyway.

They believe that No. 4 will lead them to the promise land, the Super Bowl.

We’ll see what happens in the next round.