A Painful History Lesson

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: January 20, 2010

NOTE: This article first appeared on BASN in January of 2010.

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — Legendary jazz singer Billie Holiday described it best when she sung “Strange Fruit”……….

Southern trees bearing a strange fruit

Blood on the leaves and blood at the root

Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze

Strange fruit hanging from the poplar tree

Before Major League Baseball was considered America’s favorite past-time, the lynching of Black men was its “most beloved” spectator sport.

Oh yes, between 1882 and 1968 over 4,000 African-Americans were brutally murdered at the hands of violent white lynch mobs in which the towns people would put on their “Sunday’s Best” and bring their children along with them and gather around to watch Black men being hung, burned, mutilated, tortured and castrated for their enjoyment and entertainment.

As a result, I suggest everyone go to the website www.withoutsanctuary.org by author John Allen and view some of these graphic photographs of our people being hung.

After watching these disturbing and horrifying images, promise to yourself as well as your ancestors that you will never forget them. The same way Europeans continue to remind us about their Holocaust, we, the true Jews , must continue to tell our children about our African Holocaust.

Regardless of how painful it maybe, we must talk about it. No matter how much it upsets other people, we must talk about it. Because everybody wants us to know their history, but when it comes to our story, they want us to “sweep our Holocaust under the rug!!”

In discussing our painful past, many of our children may be shocked to learn about this ugly chapter in America’s history. Some many even be more surprised to learn that most of those Black men hanging from those trees were lynched because they were falsely accused of raping or sleeping with a white woman.

During this time in history, a Black man sleeping with a white female was considered the ultimate crime in the psychic of most white men and in their twisted logic deserved the death penalty.

The 1960 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Harper Lee T o Kill a Mockingbird gives an accurate account of this thought process.

With the white Male’s paranoid personality running rampant at that time, we must now focus our attention to the first Black heavyweight champion Jack Johnson, whose defeat of James Jefferies “The Great White Hope” in 1910 sparked race riots all across the country.

While white America was extremely upset that Jack Jefferies had lost the heavyweight championship to a Black man, they were even more enraged to discover that Jack Johnson had an unquenchable lust for white women.

As a result, due to Johnson’s desire for white women and his outright arrogance in the eyes of white men to be seen in public with one, he became the first African-American to be convicted for violating New York’s Mann Act for crossing state lines with an alleged prostitute, who later was discovered to be his wife.

The Mann Act, which was named after its author Rep. James R. Mann of Illinois, was officially called the “White Slavery Act” because of the hysteria created by journalists, who sensationalized stories about “innocent” white women being kidnapped, drugged, and smuggled across state lines into forced prostitution by “foreigners “.

For this reason, Tiger Woods could be considered the modern day version of Jack Johnson due to his lustful appetite for white women. Psychologically speaking, isn’t it interesting that the male penis is sometimes referred to as a “Johnson”. Is this just a Freudian slip or does it have a deeper meaning?

Historically, let’s not forget, that during the lynching of Black men, most of them were castrated.

In castrating their victims, many members of these angry white lynch mobs, would keep the black male’s penis as a souvenir. They also collected other body parts as well like ears, fingers, and toes but the penis was the most prized possession.

With that said, isn’t it shocking how the media has become so excited to find out that there are some naked pictures of Tiger Woods out there somewhere.

They can’t wait to see his penis. They are salivating at the mouth like vampires over a bloody steak. It is a sexual rush. They are all wondering if the myth about the Black man’s penis is true.

Now, not surprisingly, all of sudden Vanity Fair places a shirtless and sweaty Tiger Woods on the cover of their February 2010 issue with a black toboggan on his head looking menacing into the camera as if he was Bigger Thomas, the character in Richard Wright’s novel Native Son.

Remember, those who control our images also control our minds.

Don’t forget about Vogue Magazine’s cover from April of 2008 portraying NBA superstar LeBron James as King Kong or Time Magazine’s June 1994 cover of O.J. Simpson which was darkened to make him look sinister and evil.

As a result, mentally take the image of Woods on the front of Vanity Fair and place it in D.W. Griffin’s racist silent film from 1915 “The Birth of a Nation” and tell me what you think.

In conclusion, as Tiger continues to run and hide, these reporters have become like bloodhounds sniffing and searching for clues so they can find him and catch him “slipping.”

The thrill of the chase is getting exciting for TMZ and the paparazzi .

The climax is building.

And while they hunt Tiger Woods down, remember the racist remarks from golfer Fuzzy Zoeller, who after Woods won the 1997 Masters at age 21 to become its youngest champion, referred to him as “that little boy,” and suggested that Woods not serve fried chicken or collard greens, “or whatever the hell they serve,” at the Champions Dinner.

And when they finally trap Tiger in a corner and bombard him with a ton of questions, remember the remarks of Golf Channel’s`Kelly Tilghman when she said, “to take Tiger on, maybe they should just gang up for a while…..“ and…Lynch him in a back alley,”

Things have changed, but they remain the same.

Tiger, be careful.