Yankees awarded record shares

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: December 1, 2009

NEW YORK — Full postseason shares were announced by Major League Baseball on Monday, and the World Series champion Yankees totaled a record $365,052.73.

That amount will be given as extra to players on the roster who received a full share. The Yankees’ players’ pool reached $21,266,321.79, with 46 players receiving the full share, along with 12.25 partial shares and two cash awards.

The Yankees’ full-share value eclipsed the previous mark of $362,173.07 of the 2006 World Series champion Cardinals. Meanwhile, the National League champion Phillies got a full-share value of $265,357.50, distributing 45 full shares from a players’ pool of $14,177,547.86.

The players’ pool for each club is formed from 60 percent of the gate receipts from the first three games of the Division Series, as well as the first four games of the League Championship Series and World Series.

It is divided among 12 clubs: the World Series participants, the LCS and DS runners-up and the four regular-season second-place clubs that did not get to the postseason as the Wild Card winners.

The LCS runner-up Angels and Dodgers each got to distribute shares from a players’ pool of $7,088,773.93. Anaheim voted one of its full shares, worth $138,038.51, to the estate of deceased pitcher Nick Adenhart.

The DS runners-up — the Red Sox, Rockies, Twins and Cardinals — each got a players’ pool of $1,772,193.48 to be divided among however many individual full shares they chose.

The Red Sox, for example, awarded 42 full shares, 17.839 partial shares and 64 cash rewards, so the value of each full share was $28,263.28.

The second-place non-Wild Card teams — the Cubs, Tigers, Marlins and Rangers — each picked from a players’ pool of $590,731.16.