Welcome to the club, Tiger

By Gary Norris Gray, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: December 2, 2009

CALIFORNIA (BASN) — The Tiger Woods car accident continues to be in the news. Could this be Tiger’s first awareness that he is indeed Black.Welcome to the club, Mr. Woods. Many people are now asking questions.

Could this be his O.J. moment? He needs to come out and clear up many of the issues around last weekend’s incident. Tiger also backed out of his own tournament this weekend in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, Tiger released a statement about his transgressions against his family. This story will not go away until Woods steps up and clears the air. Press releases are not going to cut it.

They (media) are mad because h e wins all the time and it’s the way he wins by using mind games and intimidation. He’s one of the few black male athletes that uses this tactic and wins

They are mad because he married a beautiful white woman. They are also mad because he cheated with another white woman. That’s the left wing media’s ultimate nightmare — a black male with many white women.

Well, Mr. Eldrick “Tiger” Woods, welcome to the club.

Now you will know what its like to be an African American male in the U.S.