Welcome To The Art Of Lynde

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: December 27, 2009

Lynde Washington

Lynde Washington

WASHINGTON — D.C. artist Lynde Washington has recently launched a new website (www.lyndesart.com) displaying his original and limited edition artworks.

Specializing in African American paintings and fine art prints, Lynde has taken a significant step in displaying his art to the world with the unveiling of his new online gallery.

Lynde Washington was born July 2, 1977, in Washington D.C.

As a child he had two things in his hands, a paintbrush in one and a football in the other. Washington was introduced to the world of art and football from two of the most influential people in his life, his great-grandfather and his father.

His great-grandfather, Lynnwood “Lynde” Jordan was a well respected artist, jeweler, and teacher who introduced the young Lynde into various forms of art. At the same time his father Joseph Washington was teaching Lynde the art of football.

Throughout most of his life, Washington was torn between his passion of art and his love for football. At this stage of his life, he has focused on his love of art and it is depicted in the original pieces of work on his website.

Lynde’s art is heavily influenced by his childhood memories and his experiences growing into adulthood. Being introduced to various forms of art at an early age and developing a passion for it, Lynde was destined to create masterpieces.

His original paintings focus on various expressions of Black culture that he was exposed to as a child and young adult in the 80′s and 90′s. Examples of these influences can be found in “The Life” and the “Song and Dance” galleries on his new site.

Lynde, who is a former professional football player with the Baltimore Ravens, has allowed his love for football to inspire the creation of sports-themed works, that can be seen in the “Sports” gallery on his website.

Historic African American figures and events have also influenced Lynde to create works featured in his “Motivation” gallery. The gallery includes art celebrating the memory and achievements of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, and the recent election of the United States’ first African American President, Barack Obama.

Lynde’s artwork, described as exciting, bold and expressive, captures Black culture through the eyes of his generation.

The Art of Lynde is the official online gallery of DC-bred artist Lynde Washington. He is dedicated to providing quality African American limited edition fine art prints and original paintings, as well as information, to collectors of fine arts on all levels.

NOTE: For more information, log on to www.lyndesart.com.