The Year of Living Dangerously

By Richard Kent, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: December 3, 2009
CONNECTICUT (BASN) — No majors. Knee surgery. Booed at a Stanford game.

Throws a club into the crowd in Australia and now Tigergate. This guy is getting some bad PR advice. He may be getting great legal advice, but that is only half the story.

Remember Watergate? It was always about the cover-up. Not the act. Nixon would have gotten off scott free if he had fessed up. But, he didn’t and he was gone.

Tigergate is not Watergate. By no means. But this is a guy who makes money off of his image. Maybe 90% of his income comes from us by buying products which he endorses.

Sure he is not a Governor, but he may be bigger to the public than a Governor. Did he have an affair? Who knows and who even cares.

Just fess up, Tiger and tell the truth or at least most of it and end this silly media frenzy before it really gets out of control and impacts your career. Tiger has turned the police away three times.

They don’t like that so they will now pursue this more vigorously.

All Tiger had to do would have been to talk to the police last Friday and make a public statement on Saturday. All gone. That probably would have been the end of the story or at least close to the end.

Instead his team told him to keep quiet and to release statements on his web site. It isn’t working. Now Tiger is forced to miss his own tournament.

A tournament which he went to last year when he was injured but isn’t even attending this year due to the media glare.

Tell the truth, Tiger and end all of this speculation. Now.