The Taming of Tiger

By Dr. Boyce Watkins, BASN Contributor
Updated: December 14, 2009

NEW YORK (BASN) — The last thing I expected to be thinking about after getting off an airplane are Tiger Woods’ women and his indiscretions.

I’ve seen married men misbehave before, and I honestly thought we were at the “no big deal, he’ll get over it” stage when it came to Tiger Woods and his corporate brand.

The problem is that the list of Tiger Woods women has gotten so long that it’s making him look like a PGA version of Wilt Chamberlain or Charlie Sheen.

Tiger Woods does not have a brand that will be able to withstand long lists of cocktail waitresses and “sex addicted cougars” according to the New York Post, even if the media is exaggerating in their descriptions.

The truth is that as great of a golfer as Tiger Woods might be, it could be the women of Tiger Woods who cost him a substantial piece of his fortune.

I spoke recently about how Saturday Night Live went over the line by making light of the alleged domestic violence between Tiger and his wife, Elin Nordegren.

While I stand by that perspective (we would never excuse Tiger for trying to whack his wife in the head with a golf club), the truth is that there are broader implications for the fact that the list of Tiger Woods women just happens to be longer than the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Whether Tiger likes it or not, the truth is that there are thousands of women across America who are cheering for Elin’s decision to chase her husband with a deadly weapon.

This has huge implications for Tiger’s ability to sell products to American families, where women are the primary decision-makers in household consumption.

There is also the issue of venereal disease. When a man appears to have a jump off in every major city in the United States, he risks bringing home “gifts” to his wife that she didn’t plan on receiving.

In some ways, these guys might be compared to the cockroach who eats poisonous pesticide and then brings the poison back to the nest. I am not here to say that Tiger Woods has brought anything home to his wife, but VD is always a factor when a man has random flings with random women who hang out in seedy establishments, “serving” one client after another.

Tiger wasn’t messing around with attorneys, doctors and church girls (although they can be just as sneaky, I’m sure); he was spending his “quality time” with other types of “professional women.” One of the women, Holly Samson, was even a porn star.

Again, this doesn’t look good for Tiger, his brand or his family.

My estimate is that Tiger Woods’ women are going to be too much for his corporate sponsors. Tiger spent years proving that he is different from the rest of us.

He made us believe that his incredible focus on the golf course expanded into every area of his personal life. We all concluded that the “Killer Tiger Woods,” the one who murdered opponents without remorse, was just a mild idiosyncrasy that Tiger kept in the cage.

Instead, sponsors and the public are seeing that on the other side of the focused and disciplined Woods, there lies an extraordinarily deviant Tiger, one who may be finding unhealthy ways to release all the stress that piles up from carefully analyzing every inch of every move he makes in the public eye.

I once admired Tiger Woods. Now I feel sorry for him. Woods is still worthy of respect, but his dirty laundry is changing his entire public image in the blink of an eye. For a guy who earns 80 – 90 percent of his income from having a great public image, these shifts in public perception can beat down his bank account.

We all know that Tiger Woods, in spite of his women, will continue to make money. Also, as the greatest golfer in the history of the world, he is going to continue to get corporate sponsorships.

But Tiger Woods’ women are going to cost him at least $100 million in long-term deals, because a known womanizer can’t sell products to women. Yes Tiger, whether you like it or not, a large percentage of American females now hate your guts.

That’s going to cost you some serious dough.