The Fordham Follies

By Richard Kent, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: December 9, 2009
Jio Fontan

Jio Fontan

CONNECTICUT (BASN) — 2009 has seen a lot of heroes and a lot of villains in sports. The Tiger Woods story resonates that. So does the UConn football season.

Few individuals stand out more than Fordham’s AD Frank McLaughlin. This 23-year genius of an AD presides over one of the worst college sports programs in the country.

One might ask how he keeps his job. Probably because no one cares.

McLaughlin just presided over one of the most absurd decisions in college sports. After firing his basketball coach, it was made clear to him once again that star player Jio Fontan from St. Anthony’s in New Jersey wanted to transfer.

He wanted to transfer last year. This came after earning a berth on the Atlantic-10 All-Rookie team, but the school would not give him his release. This year, Fordham hit a new low.

They agreed to give him a release if he did not transfer in the Tri-State area. Really. They did that. The Red Chinese used to do stuff like that. How could it happen in America, in the greatest City in the country?

Ask McLaughlin. Only he knows. He prevented his star guard from going to Rutgers where he wanted to play in the prestigious Big East Conference.

You need to know a little about Fordham to understand the AD. They are currently 1-5 in men’s basketball. They were 5-6 in football and 22-32 last year in baseball. What’s that,about .350.

The NCAA should take a hard look at Fordham and their athletic philosophy. Yes, maybe someone would see this from a large southern State University, but not a small Catholic school in New York.

Fontan should be given an absolute right to transfer to any school and the AD should be shown the door. That is the right result. The only result.