Straight No Chaser: The Blind Side

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: December 1, 2009
DENVER (BASN) — In the game of football, there’s an understanding, if you desire to win, to achieve your goal of victory you must protect the quarterback.

You also understand the goal of your opposition . . . is to put that signal caller out of the game, out of commission, on the bench.

The Quarterback must go down, and he must go down often . . . in order for their side to win.

The coalition of angry White folks in America; the Republican Party, their redneck underground – the Tea Baggers and their two-faced spies . . . the yellow bellied, spineless Blue Dog Democrats live by this Al Davis creed when it comes to relentlessly attacking the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

So that’s why I’m a little shaken, startled by the two broke ass, small “a” aristocrats who crashed a Black House gala-extravaganza, shook hands with the president. How did they collapse the pocket? They merely looked the part?

Who’s got this man’s back? He’s a lefty no? Who’s the goddamn right tackle?

Is it the Secret Service? Really? Wait; let’s not laugh this one off. Presidential death threats are up 400% and the Secret Service has reduced their surveillance, coverage of the president . . . and his wife and little girls.

That’s like a team getting rid of All-Pro linemen. Why would you do it?

I pound out this column, which originates out of the Black Athlete Sports Network, and it ends up here, there, blogs, you name it, so I garner my fair share of “drop dead nigger” fan mail.

What seems to be a constant are; angry White men, calling me all types of racist insulting names – while they tell me racism has been eradicated in America.

They attempt to lecture me on how the only real form of racism left in this country is reverse discrimination towards Whites, specifically males, and that my accusations are outdated and rooted in extreme irrational, unwarranted paranoia.

Meanwhile the President, his family endure, live in the shadow of death threats which have increased 400% since the draft dodging, coke head Ivy league legacy male cheerleader was in the Oval office.

Am I the only one which detects the duplicity in their charges?

This President should have heightened security, regardless if he does not necessarily even demand it. This cat is going to stand tall in the pocket, dissect the defense, and wait for his men to clear before he strikes – it’s smart, smart I say, to keep in a back to protect his back.

It’s wise to have the tight end stay in, just so we can keep this man alive.

This political QB should have extra protection – because there’s another level of hatred at play here. A hatred far beyond inter-divisional rivalries, this is like a . . . Black and White thing.

They’re guys, on the other side, who don’t want to merely rattle the QB, their aim is to decapitate No. 44, like they did Kennedy, and the original No. 16 – Abe Lincoln.

This is a dislike of a different deeper darker dimension, and for the life of me, and the Presidents kids, I can’t understand why the Secret Service is allowing strangers up in the Presidents face, close enough to shake hands. . . .

It’s as if, they don’t have the president’s best interest at heart. It’s as if Obama is Jake Delhomme, and it’s his own team which wants him out of the game. And that’s an aspect I think should be paid much more attention to.

There’s no guarantee the guys who are suppose to have Obama’s back, G-Men . . . are on the same team. These cats may be on Dick Cheney’s team for all any one knows, and believe me you, that’s a different team.

What Cheney and his Archie Bunker/Rush clones hope for America . . . would result in no Blacks even being allowed to play QB, or doctor, lawyer, cop or teacher, as to preserve and maintain an America only White men long for.

Considering the circumstances, Obama is America’s first non-White guy to be president, and since that stat is not by chance, by designed to be so . . . . It would be naïve, even foolish to think all the secret service or any branch of government is on Obama’s team.