Straight No Chaser: Notre Doomed

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: December 15, 2009

DENVER (BASN) — The original Golden Boy, Fightin’Irish legend, and Hall of Famer, Paul Hornung was asked a few years back why it seemed as though there were no dynasties left in college football . . . including Notre Dame.

“Notre Dame is playing eight bowl teams next year… and it’s always year in and year out … one of the toughest schedules. You can’t play a schedule like that unless you have the black athlete today. You just can’t do it, and it’s very, very tough, still, to get into Notre Dame. They (Notre Dame alumni) just don’t understand it, yet they want to win.”

Let’s hope Brian Kelly understands “it.”

Let’s hope he can get the aristocratic alumni to grasp the simplicity of a complex problem? There aren’t nearly enough Tim Tebows to go around . . . not nearly enough Great White Hopes to appease the segregationist whims . . . and still win.

While, let’s face it, the Irish are failing to gather enough “qualified/educated” Black Irish to regain their glory days of Yesteryear.

Notre Dame’s Fightin’ Irish find themselves in-between a rock and hard-ass place; yearning to be the gridiron giant on Saturday mornings -their alumni want jock credibility, sports bar clout on weekends, yet Monday – Friday . . . they strive to portray themselves as graduates of “institutions of higher learning,” academic proving grounds, where well-prepared, intellectually curious students migrate from the best high schools and communities across the country to obtain the cerebral skills required to conquer the world.

How n’ why are the Irish failing to dominate; The Black athlete, or rather, the lack of. . . .

The Afro-American Athlete, who’s regarded as “mandatory human equipment” if you want to compete in the upper-echelons of major college sports – seldom, and I do mean seldom, walks out of high school with the academic credentials to prosper, succeed at the collegiate level.

Who to assign responsibility and liability to for this . . . ?

Certainly family, who tend to stress balls over books.

Just stay eligible baby, don’t take any class you may flunk . . .

don’t challenge yourself. . . . Popular Black culture has regressed to the low-point we don’t endorse and promote intellectual curiosity as our forebearer.

However, when it’s all weighed and measured, the professionals entrusted to educate Black children refuse to be held accountable for the finale product they stamp their seal of attainment on.

The Black student, his naive, trusting parents and grand-parents – generations upon generations . . . under-educated, and intentionally betrayed by the U.S.

Department of Education.

Upon graduation from high school, run-of-the-mill graduates don’t possess the book smarts to attend college, and here’s the kick in the crotch – they never were suppose to.

High school teachers knew academic achievement was an after-thought for most gifted athletes by the time they were in fourth or fifth grade, they simply turn a blind eye to 12th graders reading at a seventh grade level.

As the folks in the college admissions office knew too the ACT and SAT scores are low, nevertheless, the slightly educated ebony man-cub can be pimped and exploited for his Mandingo skills, at every level he potentially can generate millions of dollars for his mommy, honey, buddies, and for a college . . .

he’ll never graduate from.

DuBois’s Talented Tenth and Fredrick Douglass’s Furious Fraction, the Black intellectuals the Black athlete has been brainwashed to believe he can’t have a foot in their world of books, while still keepin one paw in the realm of the Gladiator. His knowledge and expertise . . . appears to be . . . self-imposed to only the gridiron.

But . . . chances are, he won’t get a single paycheck from the NFL either.

From Jump-street; public education in America is not designed to prepare Black kids to scholastically compete with white kids for the American Dream. That would translate into better jobs . . .

over-seeing White folks, higher income then some White folks, better health care then White folks, bigger homes – in better Black neighborhoods and fancier cars, then yes, White folks.

Now, do you really believe this country would help orchestrate such a scenario?

Can we go with that? Isn’t that a given? It would be against the self-interest of a nation, which has proven itself capable of pushing people under, so they can stay afloat.

To doubt or even question this fact – is to close your eyes to documented history and contemporary headlines. To ensure Black schools were funded and staffed like the prestigious schools in deep suburbia – would be preposterous in the eyes of this nation’s conservative base.

A Separate and inferior education for Blacks, Latinos and Native Americans is “as American” as Thanksgiving and Christmas. The education system in America, for people of color – is a form of pacification, meant to do for most . . . little more than stress assimilation and accommodation, before possible incarceration or, for most, a sure bet for a life of minimal wage survival.

Every village, hamlet, burg, town and city in America has a sad legacy of having to be coerced, forced even, see “shot gun marriage” into begrudgingly providing their nigg’ras with even a sub-par education.

Check the story of your town, you’ll see the public schools reluctantly constructed for tax-paying blacks – were piss-poor, at best, and it was not due to happenstance.

An legit education made blacks more qualified, better able to compete with whites, and you know that couldn’t be the case, as well as it made us “uppity” and we all know how that “Obama arrogance” lights a fire under already angry White people.

As much as White folks ridicule Blacks and Latinos about academic underachievement being wide-spread . . . Rednecks like their minorities uneducated.

And even if that observation is wrong, and it’s not, but if it were . . . then let’s just go with the current status of public education; Black kid’s three-R skills, locally or nationally grade levels, gradelevels I say, behind their white peers/opponents.

Screw high school graduation rates, your fake diploma is worthless if you read at a ninth grade level.

For a second, regardless of the test scores and arguing about bias test, indifferent teachers and administrators with low expectations, the bottom line – way too many Black kids are academically behind – when they step into kindergarten . . .

Coach Kelly, if he wants to increase his collegiate talent pool – should address this tragic truth.

Most Black scholar athletes simply don’t have the academic skills and tools to academically compete in major college classrooms, and it can be traced back to pre school.

This should come as no shock to anyone paying attention to . . . the world around them, for only a sprinkling, actually make it to a 4 year college – even less earn a sheep skin.

Address that, Coach Kelly.

When a college program identifies the Blue chip player in ninth grade, it should be relevant to you that he’s learned to read n’ write better then Bart Simpson.

It would be-heath you to have your institution partner with urban school districts to improve their operations from Pre-K up.

Coach Kelly, how do you change the K-12 public school system? That;s where your problem sits. The best talent is “ineligible” walking the halls or streets, in some Juco somewhere relearning 11th grade math.

Confront these ills and woes, and you can man your team.