Straight No Chaser: No More Drama

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: December 26, 2009

DENVER (BASN) — Turn off the water works baby . . . they don’t move me no more, all that m oaning, groaning, bitching, complaining and crying . . . has got to cease. Is this all White folks do?
Mike Vick is voted, unanimously, by his team mates, his peers, a few of whom are caucasian – the prestigious Ed Block Award for his return from the hangman’s noose . . . the attacks begin immediately.

The noted and highly respected Tony Dungy rationalizes, justifies, defends Vick’s receiving of the award, and now he too is under attack.

Dig this, from USA Today‘s message board: “You disappoint me Tony. I just lost a little respect I’ve had for you. I think the award to Vick is a total scam.” Or: “This just goes to show you how sports has morally become eroded.” The players vote for themselves. Look at who the players are and how they are brought up. Now you can understand.
Go purge thru a few sports websites, as I do, and there’s no denying the dislike, distaste, even say hatred held towards Blacks from Simi Valley. Some 1700 players on the rosters.

Despite the many jerks, a lot of them are VOLUNTARILY engaged or have to fight injuries they suffered doing their job of playing football.And the award goes to a guy that must pretend to be a clean educated Dungy-wise man to save some of the Falcons’ money in his pocket.

Cool. Just like President Obama winning the Nobel Prize.
So let me get these Righty Whiteys right; Black coaches, players and even the President of these so- called United States of America, are little more then social derelicts, who’ve no clue what’s right and what’s wrong.

We need the White man to set us all straight when it comes to morals, truth honesty, justice. . . .Are you kiddin’ me? Ain’t that a bitch!

Here, allow me to be both sharp, n’ blunt.

Vick was publically lynched by a mob of angry White people, supposedly for illegally funding an interstate dog fighting ring, which had recently been upgraded from misdermenor to a federal offense – illegal barbaric activities.

And yes, it’s been inflamed White folks who’ve been the leaders of the rat-pack in this gross effort to effectively halt a career and in-essence kill a man . . . to treat Vick as if, like Big George W.

And Little Dick Cheney, Mike lays his head upon a pillow with the deaths of thousands of young GI’s, whose blood was needlessly, recklessly shed to inflate the pockets of the Military/industrial/technology complex.

These two punk ass draft dodging weasels sleep right, of course, and tight, all night in-light-of the undisputable truth – hundreds of thousands of Iraqi’s have perished in an effort by this nation’s oil barons to extract all the Black Gold and Texas Tea in the Middle East for their own personal profit.

Perhaps more importantly, sports fans, who happen to hunt and fish, wear animal hides and eat tortured animals for lunch, instantly and conveniently were appalled at Vick’s Conan-like lifestyle, camouflaging their real fear; Vick’s inevitable redefining of the Quarterback position in the NFL, transforming it, like the Running back, Receiver and Defensive back positions, to the point, the heights, the vast overwhelming majority of White athletes . . . can’t compete for the position any longer.
Why do you think New England’s Wes Welker is so adorned and adored by frustrated White guy fans? Walker is akin to a pale Jackie Robinson, the only player frustrated ex-jock fans can relate to and identify with, their boy, representing the white boy, who for decades maintained a fake, artificial, make-believe monopoly on this nation’s pastimes, under the guise of . . . Black’s didn’t have what it took to compete, prosper, nor ever dominate in sports.

Today, we are realize that company line . . was merely the extension of his already small penis. Let’s play straight; sports press has morphed over the last quarter-century.

When major sports where dominated by White guys, these hypocritical wordsmiths’ were duplicit in their myth making of the standout in sports. The press was involved in a incestrious relationship with Hollywood and Wall Street .

FDR died in his mistresses arms, the First Lady absent away with her lesbian lover, or, JFK, clearly the press was in bed with Kennedy and his Tiger like stable of women. to create, craft, shape, make legends of players, in order to sell products and services to fans/consumers. They turned a deaf ear, a blind eye, a cold shoulder to any hint of locker room antics, playboy lifestyles. Recall. Yeah, think Tiger Woods .

This, what will be the first half of Wood’s career will serve as a textbook testament to this form of mass market manipulation.

But, with the exceptions of Tiger and O.J., once the stars became Black, the blind cheerleading came to a screeching halt, all the bro-mance and man-luv switched to envy, contempt and outright scorn for the Black athlete.

Seriously, I’d venture to say most Black sportsfans would definitely agree; not just the obviously bias, bitter, editorial columns and blogs, but also the “reporting,” the non-bias account of the situation reeks with the resentment of the Black Athlete/human, from begrudging compliments to open hostility.

The mainstream, established press reeks with stench of ill-will, racism and envy except when it comes to it’s handling of the Black athlete, which is no different then mainstream America.

Most bi-racial Ivy League educated bastard lawyers, who pulled themselves up from the one bootstrap they were born with, who live a common/uncommon life, who chose to assist the “little man” instead of personally profiting in corporate America.

Selling themselves for an small “a” aristocratic lifestyle, whose a decent fellah, lovely bright n’ beautiful wife, two little princesses, a public servant . . . . would not be treated with the disrespect the world has witnessed by angry White people of America.

I heard a White women question, on Rush or Hannity one day – Obama movin’ all his relatives into the White House . . . based on his mother-in-law being there to assist her daughter, the first lady in the rearing of her two grand daughters . . . .

Most men would be patted on the back by a women for bringing the monster-in-law along for the fairy tale ride, but not this Black President.

While Obama can do no wrong . . . note how Brett Favre is somehow “right” to question, argue, defy his head coach . . . because he’s Brett . . .

The Great White Hope, so his former coaches are “rationalizing and minimizing” his disregard for team hierarchy, respect and tradition . . . .

Flexible standards, randomly implemented by the court of public opinion – based on the insecurities and preferences of White America.
Or, consider the adoption and elevation of Sarah Palin, a true legit dumb-ass American; an intellectually bankrupt bimbo – easily manipulated by those who embody the rogue redneck American.

Those who hate the UN, i.e., the world, who can’t find Russia or Sante fe on a globe, and believes General Custer was a hero . . . , Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull were terrorist, as was Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale and The Black Panthers.

Palin, Brett . . being great white hopes, who “represent” real, down-to-earth White folks, both get the knod winkedy-wink from a country desperate for White heroes, be it from the realm of sports or politics.
Vick was over-persecuted, no doubt, and now, he can’t even redeem himself.


“The Philadelphia Eagles fumbled when they gave Michael Vick the Ed Block Courage Award, which was named after a man who advocated in behalf of abused children. Michael Vick should not be the person anyone points to as a model of sportsmanship, even though he has now exchanged dogs for touchdowns after serving time for extreme cruelty to animals. We wish him well in educating others, but this is not appropriate and does not mark a joyous moment in NFL history.”
Had Favre been caught fightin’ dogs, roosters or midgets, whatever them Black and White good ol’ country boys do when bored . . . this nation would have raised an eyebrow, and sure the people who place Bambi, Yogi, the Yeti, Flipper and Charley the talkin’ tuna on the same tier as your precious three-year-old baby would have nutted out, but Bret would not have been branded, shot at sunrise like Vick was.
Vick can not do enough right, and Brett can’t do no wrong . . . go figure?