Straight No Chaser: Dear Mr. Glazer

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: December 28, 2009
DENVER (BASN) — Black folks have always had to be better, measurably better then their White counterparts, at whatever the endeavor may be, and the same applies right here, and right now with Tampa Bay Buccaneer head coach Raheem Morris.

I ask the Glazer family, and the hanging-court of public opinion to pretend Morris is White . . . If they do that, then this kid gets a second season to lead the ship Tony Dungy built with his own hands, before the Glazers “gave” the ship to a young shoe-elf coach, a highly regarded Negro Whisperer, Jon Gruden.

Please Mr. Glazer, before you give the helm to Bill Cowher, consider he was afforded years, as in multiple, plural, plenty of expensive precious time to build a championship team in the Steele Town. Allow Morris the same decency, or at least make a token gesture of it, and allow him one more season.

The first time head coaches in St. Louis, K.C., and the Motorless City will all be back for another chance, another opportunity . . . please Mr. Glazer, just for a moment, pretend, make believe Morris is a young blond haired boy-wonder, anointed with the rare ability to talk to the animals, converse with the cannibals, transform and compact a brilliantly conceived complicated game-plan down to a level where Black players can execute it . . . without thinking.

Don’t replace the real genuine, authentic Negro . . . with a Negro Whisperer, some version of Bill Parcells or Barry Switzer, a White guy who speaks the same language as his vastly all Black team. Stick with the “real thang” the man whose players have embraced and endorsed, an element which ought to matter.

I understand the desire to seek out a guy who’ll, dig this, “crack-the-whip” like the Giant’s Tom Coughlin, who’ll definitely not be a player”s coach, but instead will be a stern overseer brought in to whip these boys into shape . . . .
Yeah, that’s exactly the correct and fitting words . . . whip and boys. I’m sure you dig where I’m coming from. Hell, this cat wasn’t my first choice, I thought his name was Raheed . . .

I wanted Charley Strong in Tampa, and I still can’t figure out how Denny Green’s been exiled? In a league where antiquated fossils surface and resurface like Moby Dick . . . I guarantee Green could’ve done more in Dallas then Wade, and I like Wade, loved his daddy O.A. Bum.

But I’m sorry – Denny could’ve done more with Dallas then Phillips has, but despite Jerry having this “rep” as a Blue-eyed soul singer . . . My spider senses tell me . . . Jerry ain’t ever gonna turn over the NFL’s Flagship . . . to a Black man, if and when he does . . . slap my ass and call me boy.

But I wander . . . .

Morris wasn’t my first, second, nor seventh choice, but since he was given the wheel, at least allow him a fair opportunity, don’t demand of him what a dozen other head coaches can’t do in their first or fourth year.

Don’t demand of him, what White America has demanded, and still demands today of Black folks – you’ve got to be better, twice as good as the White guy to be treated fairly.

Hey, don’t roll your eyes at me pal . . . there are legit studies available which spell-out the telling fact; there’s a large slice of White America which would rather hire a White high school drop-out, who is a ex-convict, before they hire a Black man with no criminal background and a college degree . . . .
Mr Glazer, please pretend Coach Morris is White . . it’s the only chance he has.