Nate-Gate and Bending it like Bender

By Jerald L. Hoover, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: December 21, 2009

NEW YORK (BASN) — It seems as though the drama in Gotham never ends no matter who the characters or director or producers are.

Maybe one shouldn’t be too surprised seeing that next to Hollywood, New York with Broadway is the next best place to be to get into showbiz.

And that is what makes this team and organization a laughingstock and a punch line. How long will the Knick fans be able to blame Isiah Thomas who incidentally is still very much beloved by owner James Dolan?

Well, maybe once all of Thomas’s draft picks, trades and free agent signings are eradicated from the organization.

The latest of the Thomas regime to catch the wrath of new coach Mike D’Antoni is Nate Robinson. Robinson as it stands at press time has been benched for eight straight games while being perfectly healthy.

His agent, Aaron Goodwin has formally asked the Knicks for a trade. For one it wasn’t a bad idea considering that Robinson is in the last year of his contract and not playing to put up points and show on court goodwill can cost millions.

For one, Robinson’s well chronicled immaturity has reached its boiling point with more than a few people in the Knick organization as well as the league as a whole.

That in and of itself could land Robinson with a bunch of one-year make good type contracts and become a journeyman or he could flourish overseas as a spectacle or an entertainer.

What has to be watch or of some concern for the Knicks is that when Coach D’Antoni gets angry at a player he simply sits him regardless of whether or not he can help the team win or not.

That may or may not fly in New York over the long haul.

As for center Eddy Curry; for all of the feel good, healthy and weight loss stories that have been out there and they have been legit the arrival of center Jonathan Bender will hurt him.

Bender, who hasn’t played professional basketball in four years played for the first time against the Los Angeles Clippers and looked as if he’s been playing in the system forever.

Aside from the expected loss of wind due to stamina and playing at such a high competitive level, he looked more fluid than Curry did.

Bender is somewhat of a medical marvel.

His bone on bone conditions is still there. But with the proper commitment to exercise and working out the muscles around and about the knee Bender is able to function as a qualified NBA player.

At one point in time however, Bender wasn’t so sure if he would be able to even walk properly as when he first retired he decided to just lay low and chill.

But, he said there was this inner man that was exhorting him to get up and do something with himself. Bender not only starting working out and earning his body the respect it deserved but he started the Jonathan Bender Foundation.

With his foundation he’s able to help those disadvantaged in the Mississippi and Louisiana areas.

A soft spoken young man with a lot of talent and great character; Bender is the type of person that fans should root for.

Too bad it may be at the expense of Curry’s playing time, especially if the Knicks continue to win games.