Welcome to the Endzone: Flash Forward

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: November 7, 2009

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — In the ABC science fiction mini-series “FlashForward”, a mysterious event causes everyone on the planet to simultaneously lose consciousness for 137 seconds.

During this time, people see what appear to be visions of their lives approximately six months in the future – a global “flash forward”. As a result, today’s “Endzone” takes a flash forward into the future and makes some bold sports predictions.

10. Michael Strahan’s sitcom “Brothers” will be canceled by the Fox Network and Strahan will continue to make Subway commercials with his gap-tooth smile.

9. Florida Gators’ Tim Tebow will win the Heisman Trophy and will be drafted No. 1 overall in the 2010 NFL Draft and will refuse to play for the Cleveland Browns.

8. Isiah Thomas will lead the Florida International Golden Panthers to a Sun Belt Conference Championship and their second NCAA appearance since 1995.

7. Due to the University of Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford’s shoulder injury this year, many college football players will leave college early for the NFL Draft. This early exodus of college athletes will cause a shift in the BCS.

6. Despite playing with Shaq in Cleveland, LeBron James will leave the Cavaliers and head to the “Big Apple.”

5. Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield will fight a rematch in Las Vegas which will be promoted by Don King. Tyson will win by a knockout.

4. Minnesota’s Brett Favre will be injured in Week 12 and will be replaced Tavaris Jackson, who will lead the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game.

3. After one year with the Memphis Grizzlies, Allen Iverson will leave in order to return to the Philadelphia 76ers where he will retire and grow gray hair like Julius “Dr. J” Erving.

2. The Lakers and Celtics will play in the 2010 NBA Finals. The ratings will go through the roof which will make league executives very happy and very wealthy. L.A. will win the match-up in seven games as Kobe reigns supreme

1. The Philadelphia Eagles will win the Super Bowl and two Black quarterbacks will win a Super Bowl ring at the same time.