Straight No Chaser: True Colors

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: November 4, 2009

DENVER (BASN) — I was told, by both my father and my father’s father . . .

a real man never, ever hits a women. You just don’t do it. Only someone less than a man, a punk, a sissy, a coward – weasels and sorry ass mo-fo’s hit women, children or old folks.

I guess Tom Cable is a sorry-ass, weak-ass half-a-man . . . who beats women; and oh yeah . . . who just happens to coach pro football.

Yes, the legit question here is; what type of man is this serial wife beater, and not only can this man head-up one of the most noted franchises in American sports history. But does he deserve to?

I can only conclude . . . no, honestly, hell no. Not because he doesn’t have the knowledge and expertise to do so, he does, but because he beats women, and that’s unacceptable.

A history of beating women — in case you don’t know it — far outweighs, cancels-out the ability to teach the fundamentals and complexities of football to others.

I’m sorry, but character matters, or, at least it should.

Now that the sports world knows this man beat the hell out of women, slapped them around – he shouldn’t be rewarded with our dismissal of his punk ass behavior. We, as fans and casual observers of the game, shouldn’t turn a blind eye, a deaf ear nor a stone-cold shoulder to a man who beats women.

If Al Davis does not decide, and decide quickly that the cable man is driving his franchise off the proverbial Pacific Palisades cliff, then there should be an uproar from the good and decent Raider nation loyalist.

As well as from folks all across the nation.

Good god man, if we, as a nation, is outraged by Mike Vick brutalizing four-legged creatures, which people actually eat in numerous countries around the globe, then surely people should be as enraged that an NFL coach goes around beating other men’s daughters and sisters.

Such a revelation should garner this chap a Greyhound Bus ticket out of Silver and Black land. But now, here’s the misfortune; it’s a damn good chance Cable won’t be exiled from Pirates Cove, because our society won’t demand it.

Can it be, we, as a people, as small minded, marginally educated, slightly enlightened Neanderthals – actually value our horses, our cars, our phones, our homes more than “our” women folks?

Our . . . as if their property. Where do people get off believing they “own” other people. What an absorbed thought. Only a dumbass could conclude it’s acceptable to own people.

More dumb asses then you thought, right?

They use to hang horse thieves right . . . and, in this, the most advanced form of civilization ever known to human kind, we maintained laws on the books which allowed a man to beat his woman with a stick, as long as it was no bigger then his own thumb . . . thus the Rule of Thumb.

I’m confused, all the good people want to lynch Vick, but have no interest in whether or not an NFL coach has a track record of attacking innocent, defenseless women.

Ain’t that a bitch!

So, you can beat women, but don’t lay a finger on my Pit Bull. Where are the People For the Ethical Treatment of Women? Might it be there’s less anger

Registered because women have less value in our male dominated world?

Can it be Cable’s players will have no real anger or disgust in their hearts for Cable, because after all . . . he didn’t really do anything wrong to begin with, he merely slapped a chick around who ask for it, and stuck around after . . . yeah, that’s a large slice of Americans who see domestic violence on a regular basis.

And perhaps because we grow up in violent homes where we tragically learn there are degrees and levels of domestic violence; so, what Cable’s guilty of is but a level 1 or 2, it’s not like he killed one of them or something.

I can only assume I’m asking too much of a country stuffed full of barbarians to understand; might don’t make right mofo. Just because you can impose your will upon people, does not mean . . . you should.

Must I humanize this man’s antics? Does it matter if he’s beating your sister, mother or daughter? It seems many more men don’t want women they personally know to be beaten and battered, but are indifferent towards women they don’t know?

And what adds insult to any injuries these women might have sustained – this is a issue of dehumanizing another human, stripping them of their dignity. To engage in such activity, one must be lacking in a vast array of social graces and skills.

One must not really be mentally fit to lead any group of people around the corner, let-alone into battle. Let me put a bow-tie on this one, wrap-it-up and move on, knowing one man’s hopes for man-kind . . . are just that, hope.

Players beat women, the mommas of their babies even, and regrettably, the league along with the greater society minimizes, rationalizes and damn near justifies beating and raping women; actually rewards them with a lucrative role model career, a lifestyle, and this is a fact that’s tragically got something to do with – the cat who makes all the rules . . . has a penis.

And now our decadent declining culture is going to allow another exception to the golden rule – if you’re a NFL coach, and you’ve a background of beating women . . . it’s OK, that, on it’s face – punching a women in hers – is defensible.

Tom Cable ought to resign, on his own, in disgrace, painted n’ tainted . . . for he beats women. Let’s brand a WB, women beater on his forehead so no other woman is beaten by this loser.

Such a cowardly act ought to make him disqualified from participating in a business which is trying to package and promote itself as a family friendly operation, which harbors very little sympathy nor empathy for criminal behavior . . . but tolerates immoral actions?

Honor, principle, manners, conducting yourself like an officer and gentlemen. . . . In an ideal world, there ought be men in the Silver and Black locker room, those men who use to refer to themselves as the, get this the Pride n’ Poise boys.

Where, oh, where has decency and civility gone to?