Straight No Chaser: This and That

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: November 21, 2009

DENVER (BASN) — I took a couple of early season falls here on the ski slops, had to sit in front of the fire for the last week and rejuvenate myself, I couldn’t lift a finger to the keyboard . . . .

But alas, forget my broken ass, there’re those times when there’s so much on the picnic table, you just can’t figure out exactly what to eat, so, you end up takin a little piece of this, and a little piece of that. . . .

Redskins and average White boys, savages and sissy . . . .

It’s interesting, you can call an Indian a Redskin, but you can’t call a guy with a Prima Donna attitude like your spoiled six-year-old sissy sister – a punk or sissy. Good ol’ boys, guys like Dan Snyder and the Conservative angry pale-faces who make-up the Great White Fathers highest court in all the land, the Supremes can – in the 21st century. They still call folks whatever they please.

They can slight the objections of Natives – ignoring these noble people were deliberately damn-near exterminated; these arrogant bastards can still defend referring to the decedents of Sitting Bull, Cochise, Crazy Horse and Geronimo as . . .

Redskins. Understanding, being well aware – most legit historians recognize what this nation did to the American Indian, was done in a genocidal/homicidal manner.

Ice cold and diabolical . . . aren’t they?

Maybe Danny Boy, had you changed the team name, you might be winning? Maybe the Majestic Red man’s Gods are not smiling upon your smug ass, perhaps they’re unhappy with your pompous, pretentious punk-ass weasel ways . . .? You get what you give in this world, and all the money in the world may not buy you a Super Bowl ring.

Cleveland rocks???

Eric Mangini just may be guilty of pushing his million dollar slaves and indentured Irish and Polish slaves . . . too hard. Any guy lining-up, sacrificing his human property the way this cat is . . . ?

His players, coming to him asking for a reprieve, to halt the 4 hour war-games he deems practice, yet Mangini dismisses their concerns. Sorry, the best man on the Squad is Josh Cribbs, and you’re risking him on the last Hail Mary gimmick play of the game . . . . in a horrific season that’s already over?

Maybe, just maybe he does not “like” nor even respect his players? Might they be toy soldiers to him?

LJ and Cedric Benson ; Slick n’ Wicked, Fire and Brimstone.

Come the playoffs Dan Patrick and Jason Whitlock — who I know read this column; remember where you heard it first fat man. I’m elated and ecstatic, Coach Lewis is going to “take a chance” on the moody disrespectful uppity Mandingo who just does not know his place. I want the Bengals to take out Benson, and bring in Loveable Larry; I want Cincy to run them like mid-nite trains, Super chiefs.

What’s odd, the Fry Cook’s new boy genius, Todd Haley had conflict with Anquan Boldin back in the desert, and now, after allowing the Chiefs to be massacred, over an over again, Princess LJ becomes unglued, calls the cat a sissified punk – and LJ’s gone.

Johnson may be right. There does exist – sissies and punks. I know this New World Order my grand mother created pretends they don’t exist, but they do. Fat-Cats like Snyder are living proof. This cat may be, like Mangini – an asshole, who behaves and carries himself like a punk.

It’s very well possible here in the real world.

The end of an era.

The illustrated man-cub is calling it a career. What did Allen Iverson ever answer? Sure he’s got the heart of a lion, but the attitude of a bratty witch. I hope it’s the end of who and what was the beginning, tragically, of the ghetto-razation, thug-arazation and regrettably the Nigger-razation of today’s Black athlete.

Did you want you kid to grow up to be like Tiger or AI?

I’m regret not what I’ve just wrote, because AI became the model which screamed it was perfectly OK for rec enters across the nation to mass produce players who emulated and imitated this highly gifted, yet lost man-cub, down to the “Practice! Practice! You talkin’ ’bout Practice?! Practice?!”

So, I’m going to go out on a limb, a giant Sequoia limb, and suggest AI, tragically reflects, in a lot of sad ways, what’s wrong with the damn near man-less, castrated Black America.

I’d submit, spend a week with a lot of these male debutants like AI, and most folks, most men my age, in their 40′s – would tell you, hand’s down – a full grown child like Iverson, desperately needed a real, genuine, authentic Black man in his life. It would be obvious.

He’s an aging poster-child for an entire era of lost Black men, far too many betrayed by their sperm donors, never properly prepared for life off the urban reservation, life in a racist, sexist and elitist place like America.

AI, Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather, Pac-Man – these fools I can’t and won’t defend. They epitomize more then just reckless athletes, they hale from a culture, a way of life, which needs to check itself before it wrecks itself . . .and our people.

An era of babies having babies having babies, and my Black brothers abandoning those babies. Leaving behind rudderless young men and women to fend for themselves. A half century now – with few legitimate men in site.

Floyd’s poppa and unc . . . are, in part, outside of their gladiator skills to pass on, these two fools are what’s wrong with the kid. AI, Floyd – the flip side of Marc Colston catching balls down in the Big Easy. The flip side of Tiger.

Titan’s owner flips-off crowd . . . and it’s cute.

Mike Vick does it, and it’s an example of him being straight out of da’ hood, the ghetto, the projects, he’s ill-mannerd, angry, uncouth, this 109 year oil baron unapologetically flips off thousands of paying customers . . .

and it’s cute in the eyes of the public. So what, he was fined 250 grand by the NFL’S Grand Pooh-Pooh, that’s underwear pocket change for this dude.

I’m cool with Bud Adams expressing himself; I’m just stunned at the duplicity and hypocrisy in the eyes of fans and journalist. It’s always telling what “mainstream USA” endorses and rejects. Who’s a thug, and who’s just a ol’ coot.

Brian Westbrook ought to walk away

While he can still spell his own name, he’s got fame, left his mark on the game. . . . Isn’t that enough . . .? Concussion, brain injury, hangsit up, walk the . . . away, while you still know your kids ages. 30 fools, out of 160 NFL players surveyed by the Associated Press – say they’ve hidden the effects of a concussion.

Son, that’s misplaced values and putting instant gratification ahead of being able to wipes ones own ass at the advanced age of 57 . . . .

But, understanding the dream come true the NFL is, and the fact so few of these gladiators don’t know nothing but bangin’ heads . . . . Far too many didn’t take advantage of the free enlightenment of college, they have few adult interest and hobbies.

Sad, is it not?

Shockey’s right

King James would not dominate in the NFL, he’s delusional. The NBA, at best – is a contact game, the NFL – a full-speed, head-on collision game. I’d have to see him actually play the game, but outside of out-leaping 6 foot DBs in the corner of the end zone . . .

I don’t think he can take the physicality of the NFL. I don’t think he’ll want to block. Takin’ a charge from Kobe is one thing, Ray-Ray “mankiller” Lewis would, I believe separate the man from the ball, the man from his balls, the man from the skin.

Russell to rust on the Oak-Town bench

It’s about time, yesterday wasn’t fast enough? Bring in Vick, let this cat sit for the next 5 to 7 years while Vick excels. He’ll pull his head out of his ass by 2016. Grow-up wake-up. He’ll Al’s assured 31 million dead presidents to this clueless frat boy.

He can’t go.