Straight No Chaser: No Cavalier Attitudes

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: November 28, 2009

Cav·a·lier n.

1. A gallant or chivalrous man, especially one serving as escort to a woman of high social position; a gentleman.

2. A mounted soldier; a knight.

DENVER (BASN) — Shaq pays the funeral cost for a little five-year-old girl whose mother — Note, I employ the term “mother” with reluctance — sold her to an human animal who raped and killed her.

Green Bay’s Charles Woodson cut the cake, broke off a couple of mill for Children’s hospital, and Donovan McNabb took the time to console and counsel Chi-Town signal caller, Great White Hope- Jay Cutler, after the kid tossed INT’s numbers 127 through 131 for the yet to end season.

Please note these displays of compassionate gestures – were rendered by, of all people . . . Black men.

According to the script, Black men are supposedly far too immature, selfish, indifferent, distracted and disinterested to be . . . decent, loving, soft-hearted caring creatures. I thought these acts of “humanity” contradicted those damning assertions.

So, I wanted to tell the world, understanding, if I don’t scream it from a mountain top, the chance Dan Patrick, or one of the few and far between house negroes at ESPN or FOX Sports would mention these meaningless happy feel good stories, let-alone would see these blind folded fellahs see these stories from my perspective.

Not to mention, their, most likely Neo-Conservative editors – would allow them to speak their minds without slicing and dicing there words into tid-bits of meek, humble observations.

As is business as usual when we’re talking about sports media, what you’d have is some cat, with political leanings so far right, they’re going in circles.

Some buffoon who voted for Bush and now supports the Nordic Witch, Sarah Palin — telling you how the angle does not hold up, or — you sound so angry or paranoid, because who thinks those negative things about Blacks?

Surely not the millions of citizens, many sports fans, some even sports writers — who politically, socially, economically concur with Rush and the Rednecks — this is key which is deliberately overlooked.

Of course the distribution of information and knowledge, even sports related – is controlled, to the point most intellectually curious Americans believe it is not news we receive, but rather “propaganda” twisted inside-out to best serve the economic interest of those in power.

Of course this type of “control” by ruling elements also applies to sports.

The sports news tossed on the bar-table is news preapproved a good deal of the time by angry, bitter, envious white guys, who when honest and open (which means behind closed doors) will layout “how ” the Black athlete has damaged American sports.

Think about the stories and images put out there in space to consume. The Black athlete is completely, totally branded as a Prima donna.

Contemporarily speaking, over the last quarter century or so only the debutants have been projected as the examples of the Black gladiator, who’s depicted as, defined as – unbelievably gifted athletes . . . who’re shallow, hollow, moral-less and slightly educated gangsters and pimps.

That’s the company-line coming out of the major sports media machines.

This image must be compared and contrasted with the calculated effort to portray the White player as; married, happily of course, with 3 and half kids, hunts n’ fishes goes to church with the family . . .

end of story.

Forget all the tales floating around which were never written about; the coke stories surrounding Marino and Joe Cool, the playboy antics of John Elway, these stories were never looked into, never delved into.

That’s because the sports press functions as a brotherhood of male cheerleaders for White players, as they always have over the last hundred years, while acting as cop, judge, jury and executioner when it comes to Black players.

Caucasian reporters and wordsmiths, I believe, like so much of ” White America,” feels one of their obligations to “mother and country” is to over-analyze, scrutinize and penalize Black people.

On the other hand . . . exercising endless empathy, sympathy and pity when dealing with other likw e White folks, especially so when we’re talking about Great White Hopes.

And this Great White Hope status applies to White players in all 3 major pastimes, football, baseball and surely Basketball.

There’s no question rules are selectively enforced within our society. Wall Street executives and professional political pimps in Washington have stolen much more from everyday people.

Yet these white collar (and White skinned) crooks won’t do a quarter of the time behind bars a Black or Latino kid will . . . who stole your 1990 T-Bird.

That’s not by happenstance, that’s by design, fool.

Sorry. I’m well aware I’m painting with a broad brush, but after almost half a century on this rock, my common sense, my first hand observations and experiences leave me, and millions of other people – with little else to conclude.

Vulcan logic dictates I make this point; preferential treatment by the press in American sports is a god damn given. White athletes are, like White men in society, given the benefit of the doubt.

Black men, people of color in general, have to prove our trustworthiness, credibility and dependability. Our humanness is endless in question as it always has been, as it was in open public debate for . . . centuries. No?

I especially consider McNabb’s Big Brother moment should not go unheralded, because nobody who follows the game believes Cutler will ever have to endure what McNabb has.

Starting from day-one when the city of brotherly love . . . which showed little love for McNabb, even circa right now, whenever No. 5 fails to play like Superman, talk radio was abuzz with fans wanting to bench McNabb and go with any/all the Eagle backup QBs.

The consistency and veracity of their demands for McNabb’s head are beyond that of other cities. Nor will Cutler ever be attacked buy Rush, TO and the NAACP, while leading the franchise to division championships, conference title games and the Super Bowl.

Never will Cutler have to debate if he should utilize his phenomenal physical tools and scramble for a first down, or dump the ball off to the back out in the flats . . .

And know that decision will be employed to debate your mental capabilities . . . , and in a lot of eyes, you can’t make the right decision.

No Black QB could ever make the right decision.

What McNabb did – graphically, dramatically illustrates, in stark Black and White most Black folks, we don’t allow White trash to tarnish our empathy and compassion for all white guys.

Based in part on knowing what it’s like to be demonized and ridiculed, we, as Black folk tend to judge people individually by the content of their character, the unique position they might find themselves in.

If we didn’t Black brown, red and yellow folks would have burnt this mother down a long, long ass time ago. It wouldn’t be MLK Parkway; it would be Nat Turner Avenue, Huey P. and Bobby Seale Boulevard

That serious as a shark attack premise, is in part what makes Charles Woodson’s donation to Childrens Hospitals of Wisconsin is truly beautiful for a number of reasons, but one reason that won’t be mentioned . . .

Black folks, by nature, based on, yes, history- have a healthy disrespect for doctors and the medical/health industry in general. How many studies, annually, show race, class and gender dictate the type of care one receives?

Translation, the vastly all-White medical industry treats wealthy White men in a manner and form we’d all like to receive . . . but don’t. And there ain’t nothing new about that attitude.

Once again, Woodson is looking beyond the stats, the facts, the feel and flavor, in an effort to help kids. Perhaps, like me, he had a good experience with the Childrens’ Hospital.

I have, I’m forever grateful . . . and recognize the good work done by good people.

Nonetheless the medical industry, like all others, harbor’s its own Glenn Beck followers, who everyday pass judgment on folks who walk into a clinic or hospital, and dole out cures based on how they see the world – in Black and White.

At the end of the day, Blacks, Latinos and working class folks in general – receive far inferior care, yet who can deny there are folks doing great work in the medical field

And ending this with a cavalier moment; Cavalier O’Neal paid for the funeral of 5-year-old Shaniya Davis, the North Carolina girl who police say was kidnapped and killed.

Her mother, Antionette Davis, who had reported the child missing six days earlier, is charged with human trafficking and child abuse involving prostitution. Mario McNeill is charged with murder, rape and kidnapping in the case.

Shaq, t hank you. I too shed a tear, wondering what SOB could do such a thing. A part of me can only hope God has an ironic sense of justice . . . and Mr. McNeil, Ms Davis both are raped, repeatedly while in prison before being brutally killed.

I get that won’t bring little Shaniya back . . . but it seems these pieces of trash ought have some idea what they did to a little girl.

In a twisted way, I can’t help but be thankful Shaq saw the tragic story unwind, because it’s no secret the media in America abides by certain unspoken rules, if it bleeds . . . it leads . . . as long as the victim is a blond haired n’ blue eyed.

Now if a little Black girl is kidnapped, raped and tragically strangled to death, as this precious child was, it has been the rule . . . America, White America really does not care.

This indifference is historically deep rooted in the fact Blacks weren’t human, thus, we could be property, like tables or pigs.

We didn’t even constitute being humans. It took, in the eyes of the WASP establishment three or four black folks to make one.

Hell, we got a Black President, times must be a’ changing.

Shaq, Chuck, Donny — thanks for being Boy Scouts.