Straight No Chaser: Naw Leans

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: November 8, 2009

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DENVER (BASN) — The Naw Leans Saints are putting the Crescent City on their big shoulders and bringing the port town back to life. The saints are marchin’ in . . .

Yeah, that sounds really swell – if bringing a major US city back from abandonment is possible.

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Forsaken . . . a word which dramatically illustrates what happened to the Big Easy – which represents an historical, authentic American city deliberately deserted by the federal Government in it’s time of dire distress.

The actual city itself, it’s super structure and it’s people . . . left for dead, by a Republican President and his ass backward administration . . . who were merely carrying out what they believed to be the wide-spread public sentiment – unspoken orders; allow the poorest of the poor, who didn’t have the means to flee an oncoming disaster, of biblical, Hollywood proportions to perish.

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Our male cheerleader turned President, George W. Bush guesstimated, along with the other top advisors in their country club bubble – the vast over-whelming majority of the people who matter in this nation (White folks) would, like them, not give a damn about poor Negroes.

Only, as Rush Limbaugh points out, we are but an irrelevant 12% of the American Pie . . . just the crust . . . which it’s all built on. Hundreds, yes – hundreds of years of free and damn near free labor.

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These sons’ bitches guessed, based on their incestrious circle of dressed-up and educated Klansmen, that very few Americans cared if Niggers and dumbass White-trash – dumb enough to live amongst working class Negroes, were left to . . . die on the flooded streets of a Chocolate City. A nd to betray us like they did, we must be niggers, we can’t be Afro-Americans in the eye’s of Glen Beck’s followers.

Black Refuges/survivors, instantly became “looters” and the military brought in, not to protect and serve, but seek and destroy the rif-raft who was either too dumb or too poor to get out in time.

Since Hurricane Katrina, and it’s pre-planned chaotic aftermath – the city has been struggling to return to “normality.”

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Now here’s the kick in the crotch, it’s been decades, centuries since New Orleans has been “normal’. It’s been the red-light/blue-light, nite-lite hot-spot for vice/sin/murder/rape of the South for . . . ever? And that’s the problem!

With 1970’s integration came 1990’s re-segregation, those who’d monopolized the tools and skills needed to climb the social ladder, went and created, from scratch new cities be it Simi Valley or Slidel. Leaving behind those who couldn’t or wouldn’t leave.

The streets have not really been fit to raise Pit Bulls, let-along young, gifted and Black children. Instead of producing their fair share of Firemen, nurses, doctors and teachers, the 9th parish has been mass-manufacturing heart-breakers and life-takers, Wangsters, gangsters n’ Tanksters.

Fielding a winning NFL team is not going to do a damn thing to alter such a well earned global reputation. Let’s not even begin to believe all it takes are a few “W’s” to bring a team, and a city back from abject despair and wonton neglect.

Sure the Saints are marchin’ thur Georgia, most of the NFC South,, but that on-field success will have no, none, zip, nota’ thing to do with how easy kids in the Big Easy learn to read, write or do arithmetic.

The teams winning ways will not end the Black-on-Black crime which has ravished the city for decades. Quality medical care, bread-winner gigs and safe, secure streets will not come about just because Drew Brees and his wife donate a weekend to painting homes.

It ain’t gonna be that easy for da’ Big Easy.

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You’ve got to wonder, when the NFL showcases it’s players giving back, when the ESPN camera catches fans in the stands . . . so intoxicated they don’t know their own names, spending moolah in the vastly corporate owned French Quarter . . . do Americans really believe that is a sound economic indicator the city on the muddy Mississippi, is well on its way back to prosperity and good times?

The angle few wish to debate; this city’s rollers and ballers, the political pimps, the lawyers and real estate hustlers – long ago decided, if this city, surrounded and eternally sabotaged by an antiquated levy system, were to ever find itself 30’000 leagues under the waters of Lake Ponchitrain.

There was a master plan, blue-prints sitting in fat-cat’s safes, which spelled-out the numerous ways to displace the human trash and replace it with newly created designer homes, in designer neighborhoods, with top-shelf schools, stores and pubs to service the new high and mighty Yuppies.

The powers which have long wanted to “make-over” New Orleans have always simply desired to throw-out what they deem human trash and cater to their aristocratic whims – create an Exclusive “rich n’ lily white” enclave.

Evict last century’s work force and there won’t be a need for gated comminutes, alligator invested moats, machine gun guard towers . . . .

Get it untwisted correctly . . . long before there was illegal immigration to the US, there was legal forced immigration . . . slavery.

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And there-in lies the problem; cites like the Big Easy, haven’t had it any where close to easy since the mid-1970’s when this country’s establishment, the manufacturing/industrial base, deserted urban America in search of cheaper labor/production cost over seas, in Mexico, on planet Pluto, where the real aliens are.

Dead End Street, USA.

Corporate America snatched the economic base from underneath real Americans – starting with the too well organized urban Blue-Collar worker, moving onto what we all are witnessing, hell for some, it’s a first-hand experience, a personal anal fisting – the betrayal of the US middle class, in order to deepen and enrich the smaller, selfish “Investor Class” which has no inclination we’re all in this together, that they actually are their brother’s keeper, and it should be one for all, and all for one.

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Right in line with the Wall Street’s erasing of bread-winner jobs, racial and economic self-segregation – in the form of White Flight and the Black middle class exodus to the hallowed suburb has created inner-cities, stuffed full of trapped people, with sub-par formal educations . . . fighting over the crumbs, fighting to . . . merely survive. Man-made jungles, where only the strong survive.

I thought America was the land of a-plenty, where there was enough prosperity to go around? You fish, you eat. You dig the well, you drink. America . . . built on the land of Red and Brown men, with the blood sweat and tears of Black people. Yet, we’re supposedly the misfits, oddballs, outcast and aliens. . . .

Ain’t that a Blue dog Decorate for ya’ ass?

The only problem to the Trickle Down Theory . . . ain’t enough of anything but pain, misery and gas guzzlin’ SUVs trickled-down to the little immaterial folks, and that lack of . . . every-damn-thing which matters, (college degrees, not baby blue Escalades) that cutting-off of the vital tools required to attain and maintain the American Dream – have been snatched away from everyday people, particular peeps of color.

Such bleak surroundings have helped create the dog-eat-dog atmosphere, where Black on Black crime, self-destruction is at epidemic, pandemic Black Plague levels.

So I’m sorry, it really does not matter if one of my favorite teams, since I was a little boy, the Saints, goes undefeated, if Brees throws for 6,000 yards, if Colston, Bell, Shockey and Bush end up in the Super Bowl, if the Dome is packed and stacked to the rafters, no, the Saints won’t come marching in . . . to anything but a lingering semi-disaster area, until this nation legitimately invest in the people who inhabit the Big Easy.