Straight No Chaser: Kiss My Black Ass

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: November 25, 2009

DENVER (BASN) — Vince Young may not have seen Klansmen parading around Reliant Stadium on Monday night — as they were at the Ole Miss-LSU match on Saturday.

Yet I’d venture out-of-the-pocket and toss this one over the middle; VY knew Klan-fans were in the stands, on couches and sitting a-top bar stools all across the land waiting, hoping, betting, hell praying for Young to mentally meltdown .

After all, this is America

Judging by Young’s reply to an post-game inquiry of “For those people who still questioned, Vince, whether you could still play at this level in the NFL and be consistent, what’s your answer to them? “. . . I love y’all too.”

I believe, for the first time in his career VY realizes it’s deeper then him, then merely Vince Young. He is one of a few — the Black NFL QB. VY refused to give the sum-bitches the pleasure . . . .

Instead he lead his baby-blue Calvary men to their fourth straight battlefield victory — this one over the Scarlet Red-legged Texans out of Houston way. Going through the progressions, deciphering the defense, orchestrating the offense- cool, calm and collective. Great throws, back breaking strategic runs.

The same way VY is repudiating his critics, politely telling them to kiss his Black ass . . . Dexter McCluster, the highly gifted all-purpose ball handler at Ole Miss, who is, evidently performing for a number of Klan fans down there well beneath the Mason-Dixon line . . . ought to think about telling Ole Miss’ to kiss his black ass. Dex!

Reconsider performing for folks who mix in “Ol Dixie” lyrics in the schools fight song . . . i.e., chant “the South will rise again.” Why would any Black man desire to ‘perform” for White folks who . . . just can’t control their racist yearnings?

At least keep the bed sheets behind your curtains. This kid could’ve gone to his choice of programs . . . but he wanted to be a Rebel. I’m confused.

Nonetheless, obviously, the team is full of young Black men who had choices . . . and picked Ole Miss. I guess I just don’t get it. And I’m happy as hell I don’t.

Hey, give the Johnny Reb’s what they want . . . an all redneck squad, without BYU’s brainwashed South Pacificers to lend their sizable talents . . . and these boys won’t win half their games, in any season – for the next decade.

Sometimes, just sometimes . . . it’s about principle.

Thank God, the local paper in Oxford Mississippi is reporting that a group of eight potential slaves, sorry, football players, recruits declined to tour the plantation/campus this past weekend, due in great part to the presence of the Ku Klux Klan on the Ole Miss Campus protesting the universities coming into the last century. . . .

I can’t imagine the Afro-American parent comfortable or indifferent-to their child being pimped, played and exploited . . . for the pleasure of Klan-fans.

Note, the Klan was at Ole Miss to support the thousands of Ol Miss schlora/ junior Klan fans, who refused to stop chanting “the South will rise again” during games.

The Klan was at Ole Miss, not to draw a crowd, not to ask KKK sympathizers to “out themselves” but rather for the symbolic message it sends. No one expected them to draw thousands, that’s not the way it’s worked over the last century and a half.

The Klan’s aim was to demonstrate against Ole Miss’s administrative decision to stop playing “From Dixie with Love” at their football games. The white supremacist group is protesting a decision by the chancellor of the University of Mississippi , Dan Jones, to prohibit the school band from playing the song at games.

Ole Miss students chant – at their own urging – ” The South will rise again,” during the song — and had continued the chant even after the student council passed a resolution changing the words to “To hell with LSU.

“We are coming to Ole Miss to say enough is enough on attacking our Christian, southern heritage and culture, and it’s time for every person to have a right to freedom of speech,” said Shane Tate, the North Mississippi great titan for the Mississippi White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

“We aren’t coming there to cause problems or cause trouble,” Tate said. “Trouble has already been caused by a handful at Ole Miss, including the black student body president, who wants to shape Ole Miss into yet another liberal sodomite college.”

Please, please, please tell me; what in the hell such a sentiment can mean – beyond the South reinstating American apartheid? The South rising only means the Black race falling, going back to semi-property status.

This equates to re-hanging not just the No Coloreds signs, but hanging Black folks again . . . for sport. Vince’s benching, the following flood of cold heartless mockery, ridiculing and contempt #10 was the prime receiver of . . . forced Young to re-evaluate his anointed status, which was a good thing, long overdue.

He was back-handed with the truth, had to come to grips with the fact – everybody’s not in his corner, rooting for him to win. Matter of fact, thousands of folks are hoping you not just throw an INT or cough the rock up, they want you to blow your head off – out of a weak man’s personal frustrations.

And who’s to say how many thousands are principally motivated, not because Vince was a Longhorn, or is a Titan, but because he’s, in their small minds . . . a nigger?

I don’t know, you don’t know, nor does Vince, but based on Ole Miss’s student body’s refusal to stop “the South will rise again” chant . . . it’s more than a meaningless handful.

According to the numbers, there’re millions who trust FOX News, adore Rush, Hannity and Beck and want the same tragic epic ending for VY, as for President Obama . . . or Head Coach Jim Caldwell in Indy or Marvin Lewis over in Cincy, Serena Williams, Tyrone Willingham, Mike Tyson, AI, or the Black lady at work whose their new boss – because they simply don’t like Black people.

Would that not explain American history?

A large slice of the American Pie – want to see a Black person fail, self-destruct, crumble under the pressure of the spotlight – in order to illustrate to the doubters – Black folks are unable, by nature, to lead men into battle be it Houston or Iran. We are . . . inferior, and surly should not be allowed into main stream American life, nor god forbid run this nation.

The “Right” is portraying Obama as traitor, Colin Powell even as non-trustable . . . acting as one of them, us, you, we . . . black folks.

Hush my mouth, and slap the Black off me, but I do believe, based on Vince’s new found maturity . . . the man has seen the light. The way he’s conducting himself, on the field and in front of cameras – he “gets it.”

Vince ain’t so young no more, he’s aged, he’s now a seasoned veteran -well understanding “everybody ain’t his honey and buddy.” Starting with the league, his coaches, teammates and fans, many want to see him fail.

Vince learned, the hard way, everybody ain’t a fan.

As time goes on, and this kid re re-defines the QB position; flaunts his attributes, demonstrates why it’s advantageous to have an athlete behind the center . . . as opposed to a flesh and bone sculpture . . . a lot of folks, come 2017 when VY hangs up his cleats, will be stuffing their mouths with Blackbird pie, eating crow – as Young could very well rewrite the record books . . . .

True, I have spoken, out-loud, declared this big cat needs to become a student of the game, something his obscene physical skills and tools made not a pre-requisite for VY . . .he could perform at such a high level, but now, in the NFL . . . everybody is somebody.

Everybody’s an All American this and an All everything that – everybody’s got mad, crazy skills. The difference between Playoffs and working at Payless shoes is minuscule.

In response to all this adversity, Vince was apparently prompted, forced to grow up, open up his eyes, realize the accolades . . . were his to lose or his to have . . . if he became more of a dedicated student of the gridiron.

Still, the underlying note in the bottle is; there’s a large segment of this nation, who’re, beneath the sheets – wearing sheets, and their whole intention and focus is to belittle, demean, slight and berate Black people at every given opportunity.

If you don’t believe that, then you’re not paying attention.