Straight No Chaser: Catch 34

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: November 21, 2009
DENVER (BASN) — Ricky Williams , 32 years young, somewhat preserved by his sabbaticals and exiles from the NFL – is still able to perform at the high level he does – and I believe it has a great deal to do with not his lack of punishment but more specifically because he has made mad fanatical luuuuvv to Mary Jane.
For those of you stuck, lost, boxed in L7 . . . Mary Jane is Marijuana, and Rick is still slick, because of the Ty-Stick. I know, I know, I know .

. . how dare I attribute athletic success to a drug the anal retentive political Right within America – long ago declared war on.

I can only offer this; just go Google Marijuana, search thru the vast information which will spell out the effect it has on your body. After that, you’ll understand the medicinal properties of Mary.
Common sense, book sense, individual observations or just Vulcan logic dictates our society accept the plant has its positives.
Williams’ body and mind has been able to relax, unwind. His flexibility and his mental approach to the game, how and why he prepares the way he does has been influenced and shaped by his incorporation of Mary into his lifestyle. Sure, he doesn’t smoke it anymore . . . but it has had an impact on his game.
Williams, like millions and millions of other Americans – has ignored the corporations and Uncle Sam‘s prohibition against pot, most grasping why the establishment hammer’s home how weed made you crazy, lazy, hazy and maaaddd . . . !

After just a few puffs . . . ” Where all da’ White women!!”

If you listen to the conservative base, who’re the defenders and supporters of the war on Weed, they will break it down all the way back to those Refer Madness arguments.

The conflict over the consumption of Her-bus Ker-nur-bus is as much about what it allegedly does to one, as it is about who it does it.

Today, Pot is the official little people’s indulgence, based in part on price – and its availability . . . everybody knows somebody who indulges.

But, until Mike Phelps, Aqua Boy was cold-busted – making mad, I say maad luv, to Mary Jane at a frat party . . . where other upper middle class White kids have been conducting an endless orgy with Mary for decades, did this nation of hypocrites have to rationalize the usage of Pot.
With King Neptune caught loaded . . . all had to be forgiven – he is a rare Great White Hope, so, being a Dope Head . . . was merely a distraction.

Philips is a poster-boy for a segment of the US craving sports heroes, outside of Pro wrestling, Car racing and Extreme Sports; i.e., Extreme Badminton, Extreme Marbels and Extreme Tiddly-Winks.

This kid had to succeed because he had already been anointed, crowned, given the world – he had instantly, following the Olympics, be placed high, high, they didn’t know how high, up on a pedestal as the . . . . All-American Golden Boy.
Of course his weed consumption contradicted the GOP/WASP company line of .

. . . only Blacks and Latinos smoke weed. And by promoting that little white fallacy, they’ve been able to use weed as a weeder-outer, getting rid of those who do use it and strategically placing them in a for-profit prison system.

There’s reasons why prisons are one of the fastest growing “industries” in the USA; It s a way to pimp and exploit those who use the drug, a way to erase, lock-up young people who aren’t conforming to the establishments tight assed whims. A way to eliminate competition at the worksite, in the classroom . . .

President Obama inhaled, and he graduated from an Ivy League institution.

The NFL and ESPN understand Weed is a way to paint and taint athletes, brand them as shiftless and moral-less gangster and thugs. Look at Vick’s situation with the H2o bottle at the airport a few years ago.

I can’t count the pissed-off White boys, Rush’s Rednecks I’ve heard or read bitchin’ moanin and crying about Vick is Pot Head who should be branded, hell bared from the league, and any player, which tends to be vastly Black players, be banished from the league, but these two-faced bastards have not a damn thing to say when it comes to Marine Boys all night bonging – yes, it’s so quiet you could hear a lobster piss on a sponge.

Cry me a river . . . !
These are the same cat’s who ignored George W. had a skiing problem, and I ain’t talking about powder-packed snow. Hey, go get Eric Clapton, have him play . . .

Cocaine. But hey, snorting coke, hanging out all day and night with Jack Daniels and Jimmy Bean, for years – was not enough to sour the Neo-Con’s deep yearning for a man like them in the Oval Office.

And that’s the part of this quagmire I don’t get; in my life, I’ve seen numerous lives and families destroyed, decimated by firewater, but because of the vice grip the liquor industry has on professional political pimps – these SOB’s aren’t about to curtail this nations addiction to firewater – it’s just too damn profitable.
Same applies to Cancer Sticks. Gods knows cigarettes are purposefully packed full of crap to addict you to them, we’ve all heard the accounts of Heroine addicts who’ll tell you “Kools” were tougher to kick then Smack, nonetheless, they remain legal.
Not to mention, Uncle Sam is waist-deep in the drug game; everybody from the cat sweeping up the floor in the El Paso jail – to the politicians in City Hall, state capitols and DC . . . profiting off of all the drugs flowing in and out of this nation.
Hell, Tupac was right a decade or so ago when he, like so many others made the critical redundant point, ain’t no Crips flying this stuff into South Central LA, the Big Easy or Harlem.

Can you say Iran/Contra/Compton/Crack-gate?

Least we forget, the pharmaceutical industry; the last thing, and I do mean last thing they want is – before or after a hard day, instead of poppin’ their Government endorsed Uppers and Downers, you have a joint and a glass of Red Wine. If folks were to take that approach, what would happen to their profits?

So, at the end of the day, and this column, it seems painfully clear to me, I can see thru the smoke . . . this government could care less about the damning health concerns related to Pot, it’s about restraining a segment of society the establishment does not like. It’s that simple, and Pot is a tool to harass your Black ass, no more.

A way to imprison the riff-raft, the undesirables.

See, their too many people pimping and exploiting Mary Jane for their own personal profit. Uncle Sam, Dr. Killdare, Johnny Law and the Marlboro man all want to keep it out for their own personal gains, it has not a damn thing to do with health or law and order.

And once these hypocritical clowns realize the tax revenue (Herb is California‘s top agricultural export!) you watch how fast their morals, values and high Standards flip-flop.

And of course, I too have never inhaled, I’m simply speculating.