Straight No Chaser: As The World Turns

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: November 3, 2009
DENVER (BASN) — I opted to plant myself on the couch for the titanic saga in Nashville over the Brett Bro-mance up in the Bay. And oh what a day it was for the Young one – Vince was invincible, for the moment.

I thought this contest, granted not the best gridiron contest . . .

it was a socially significant moment in the male soap-opera called the NFL. Favre exhibited what makes him a golden boy, a legit Great White Hope – who can actually deliver, but Young made his enemies eat black crow.

The guy some less then empathetic bastards tagged a suicidal imbecile behind the center, the cat with a Wonderlic score which matches the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field in December – rose to the occasion and was . .

. efficient.

This a trait the Black QB is seldom described as, erratic, unreliable, unpredictable, inconsistent – yes, efficient, no.

I bet the majority of suburban sports fans were waiting for the big man to play like a man-child – go say 5 of 17 for 32 – two picks, a fumble and 3 sacks.

If the seasoned veteran Kerry Collins could not lead his Buffalo Soldiers to victory . . . how could this “boy” lead them around the corner even? How disappointing was it for the nay-sayer’s when Young went 15 of 18 for 135 and a TD.

His “panic driven runs . . . ” strategically broke down the defense, he seemed as calm as a Caribbean breeze, and in complete control of the team.

A team of young Black men who no doubt rose to the occasion – understanding exactly who was rooting for Young to fail.

I know, it is non-permissible to discuss the aspect of Black players going further, playing harder for a Black QB or head coach, I guess that’s not something our society wants to admit.

What more can VY’s critics demand? All any one can ask for now – week-in and week-out consistency.

Here’s what I can advise; bra, baby bra, blood even don’t forget how you’ve gotten where you are. Sure they may luv you today, but they can – and will hate you again, just based on the nature of the game.

Just ask Jake the beheaded snake in Carolina, Trent Edwards up in Buffalo, Brady Quinn - the list is endless of dudes ridding a rollercoaster throughout their careers – they are very few individual players who have a Dante Marino type in a zone career.

But what makes Vince’s ride a little different; he’s a Black signal caller, and this nation has a problem with any Black or Brown person calling the signals. Being Black complicates every endeavor, from dog catcher to President.
Rush Limbaugh , noted friend of some NFL owners, has taken to calling President Obama a man child, a Boy. I wonder how many of his buddies who own NFL teams think of their Black players . . .

coaches – as boys, actually perceive them as not much more then a man-child . . .

adult children.

How many NFL plantation owners see the world, see people really no differently than their fathers and grandfathers? That’s all I’m honestly asking. How many of these men reflect the racially segregated schools, neighborhoods and churches they grew up in?

It’s simply not much of a great leap to believe such a condescending view if Black men is . . . Widespread amongst White America.

Don’t get too comfortable Vince, everybody want’s to be your honey n’ buddy today . . .

tomorrow’s a different day. They’ll be discussing your lack-of . . . intelligence before you know it.

Pontificating about your initiate inability to decipher the defense, read coverages and lead men into battle. Son, you’ve got to never forget the vast majority of those folks in the stands are but fair-weather fans . . . .

Yeah, I feel the need to defend and promote the Black Quarterback/the Black man, for I ask you – if Black wordsmiths don’t . . . who will?

David Garrard, in the same game, displayed not just the athleticism to be actually physically able to escort Jones-Drew all the way down the field on his 80 yard scamper . . . but the desire and grit to get his hands dirty.

This was a noble act – most NFL QB’s don’t have the wheels nor balls to do. And you think his men don’t recognize his desire to win, his tenacity and determination, his leadership?

That one individual play should be used to market and promote the Black QB. There should be a campaign to promote them – since there clearly is a plan to undermine and attack them.

On the other hand, because I call them as I see them – I just can’t find the words, even weak words to defend the reckless clueless Ja Suckass Rustler , a thief , who’s stealing a paycheck every week from Raider Nation.

I’ve come to the sad conclusion; sure, Russell’s got the physical ability to prosper in the league, he appears somewhat bright – but he is not a student of the game, I wonder if he’s ever been a student of anything?

But, he does not posses the will, the desire, the fire to silence his critics. I do believe he’s sittin’ fat n’ pretty, and just does not give a flying flub what folks say about him . . . he’s laughing all the way to Fort Knox.

Seriously; he occupies a position where the Black athlete is fighting, tooth n’ nail to garner the hard earned respect society, and specifically rednecks refuse to rightfully give.

This fool just does not get it, his embarrassing stat’s, his silly-ass songs after the games, when he pronounces his play as OK, all right, pretty good, when in reality this big pussycat is aiding and abetting those people who want to make the argument the Black field general is a clueless Corporal.

Son, you’re hurting us, if you’re not willing to give it all you’ve got, then sit your ass down.

I really don’t believe this kid understands still what is at stake. There’s no “we’ve overcome” songs being played – the black QB, despite McNabb’s proficient Giant killing performance.

What was he? 17-of-23 for 240 yards, 3 TDs, nevertheless, the Black Quarterback‘s cerebral credentials, his work ethic is incessantly under constant attack.

Any measure of success and respect a Black QB receives – he got it the ol’ fashion way – he earned it.

And oh, by the way, contrary to popular promotions – Peyton Manning is not both the head coach and signal caller for the Colts.

They’ve got a head coach by the name of Jim Caldwell.

You might not pick that up by merely listening to sports news, for whatever the reasons, sports writers seem determined to undermine Caldwell’s coaching impact while maximizing Peyton’s every move. The Colts are the last undefeated squad in the AFC. Jim Caldwell is the first rookie coach since the 1970 NFL-AFL merger to win his first seven NFL games. Undisputedly it’s Peyton’s Place, he’s earned that, but he does not do it alone.

You’ll have to stumble upon that little Caldwell tidbit. But if you recall, Tony Dungy dealt with the same type of slighting at the hands of “fans”.

Hell, with fans like these . . . who needs enemies?