Old News Is No News

By Israel Gutierrez
Updated: November 13, 2009
Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James and Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade, right, greet each other prior to the start of their game on Thursday at American Airlines Arena.

Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James and Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade, right, greet each other prior to the start of their game on Thursday at American Airlines Arena.

MIAMI — LeBron James was right.

All the 2010 free agency talk is just getting old.


Move along — nothing to see here.

Seriously, who really cares that we could be less than one year away from teaming together the best perimeter tandem in NBA history in James and Dwyane Wade; or that it would turn Miami — assuming this is where they choose to play together, because really they could go anywhere — into the official new basketball Mecca; and turn AmericanAirlines Arena into the most popular building on the planet; and officially turn Pat Riley into a god; and turn every Heat home game into a statewide holiday?

I mean, really, all that talk just gets old real quick.

Let’s talk about the here and now.

Well, the Heat and Cavs played a basketball game on Thursday, one in which James and Wade were still, inexplicably, on opposite teams.

Neither of these teams is winning a title this year. Not as long as an old-as-dirt Shaquille O’Neal is taking up space in James’ launching pad, or unless the Heat somehow gets bigger in the span of the next few months.

But, hey, that was a nice dunk Wade had over Anderson Varejao.

It wasn’t really a dunk, technically, because the ball kind of rattled through the rim after Wade got fouled, but it got the arena rocking almost as loud as every possession would be if Wade and James played together.

A couple of possessions later, an embarrassed Varejao got angry and started jawing with Wade, earning them double technical fouls.

Really? Varejao is allowed to get mad?

To steal a device from Bill Maher: New rule — if you get dunked on so badly that the video of it appears on YouTube less then 10 minutes after it actually happens, then you can’t show any anger for at least three more quarters.

It even got a huge smile out of Michael Jordan, who was sitting next to Pat Riley in the stands, in the seat normally reserved for Riley’s wife.

(While we’re stealing lines from people, here’s one John Hollinger of ESPN tweeted during the game:

Riley to Jordan: “So, do you like Charlotte?”

Jordan: “Which one is she?”)

Scottie Pippen was sitting just a few feet in front of his old running mate and was a few feet away from Lenny Kravitz.


Man, can you imagine the crowds that would show up every game if James and Wade played together down here?

As if the sun and the beach and the bikinis weren’t enough of a reason to come to South Florida, you would get to watch the two most exciting players in the game (sorry, Kobe) play together and toy with the opposition?

You wouldn’t just need big money to get into this building — you would need a résumé and an agent.

Sure, Spike, you can come in, but the front row is reserved for Eva Longoria, Halle Berry, Mariah Carey, Jay-Z and the entire cast of Twilight.

And no Knicks gear!

But, no, seriously, James was right. Thinking about the future is a thing of the past.

Nobody should want to talk about all those possibilities when there is so much excitement going on right now.

Like, um, yeah, Jermaine O’Neal looks good, huh?

And that Michael Beasley is really starting to get the hang of things.

Yeah, that’s exciting stuff.

Kind of makes you stop thinking about what the Heat’s going to do with all those Wade “This is my house!” T-shirts once LeBron jumps on board.

I mean, I guess you could put James on the other side and change it to “This is our house,” but that sounds a little bit too much like an Under Armour ad.


And then there’s the whole “Wade County” thing. There’s no way LeBron’s going to be OK with playing in his teammate’s county.

Riley is going to have to do something about that. Maybe start calling it LeWade County or something like that. Wouldn’t make much sense on a T-shirt, though.

But, anyway, that’s just crazy talk. I mean, let’s focus on the here and now. Free agency isn’t until July, and we’re not even a month into a season that clearly belongs to the Lakers or the Celtics.

The present is what matters.

And right now, there are plenty of interesting things to talk about.

Aren’t there?